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My workplace is beginning to pick up the phase as more and more things come in place and they will reach into chaotic stage before I know. I am struggling to keep pace and jsut to fit the frame I am going back to basics. I think I need to do that coz I am more than rusty. I decided to buy books and bury myself, I have bought couple of books last week and a hut is on for a book on Economics. I have Adam Smith's "Wealth on Nations" soft copy, but me being a conservative in the sense of reading books, prefer the old hard bounded stuff. I got myself a book on Power Plant Engineering and one Thermodynamics. I am searching a book on Economics, if someone could suggest something ....

DDLJ early in the morning.

I love DDLJ. It is an amazing movie. I got up in the morning wanting to listening to the movie's songs, it is afternoon and the songs still continue to play on my comp. I went back to catch up on some TV and DDLJ was playing on some odd channel. The first half was finished so did not watch it. Come fall in love .... hehehehe anyways it remains a fav movie all time.

TV: In 1983 ....

The News Channels are just flogging a dead horse over World Cup, there is no hype. The reason cou ld be "extra" ordinary performances of the Indian Team. I am not betting much onthem, a semi final berth would be good enough. The top there teams for me would be, NZ, SA, and Pak. I am not counting the Aussies out there are there forever, but lacking of bowling options may hurt the Aussies. NZ have shown that. The NEWS is just playing the 1983 all over again, man be at peace, 83 was diff. I laughed when I heard that Kapil Dev passed out of DAV coll and won the WC Yuvraj too has passed out of DAV college .... crap go to bed.

I would be pleasantly suprised if ever get even close to winning, we have run scorers and not match winners, the bowlers are not good enough on form. The Spinners are out of boil. It is a sad case.

Last movie: Eklavaya.

It is a weird story. I dont know if u wish to get in line for the tickets, I just wanted some time out and my father being a big AB fan got the tickets. It is something impossible for me to decipher, relationships is something very very difficult for me to understand, I still loathe them as I have loathed them forever, it is something I cannot comprehend. Anyways there is a King and A queen and a guard who has willed to protect the family. The King kills the queen the princess has shown to be mentally challenged. Paints a picture of what happened, the mystery is unfolded to all. Saif comes home and every one finds out theat Saif is not the Prince, coz the King is not his father, then another round of killings take place every body is killing someone in the movie only the Hero and his son Saif survive till the end provided u survive the movie, Boman is definately good and displays great Panache, so did Munna and Vidya Balan. I guess it is alright if u dont understand the movie just enjoy some great camera work and clothes. The Camel stunt thing was hype than anything else. If one has great interest in checking out the clothes and detailing then one can look forward to a good movie.
I felt the detail of the movie was so paramount in the mids of the director that he actually left the story far beh9ind, I was damn confused when I came out of the movie. I just wanted to bury myself in my sheets. I guess movie making has shifted its focus on better packaging than a better product.

Whats on my mind?

I have been thinking on change of template. I hope bloggers come up with something cool. I have also been seriously thinking of starting a team blog for World Cup 2007. I have contacted Nagraj for once he is interested lets see if things work out.


Keshi said...

DLJ is one of my all-time favs btw :)

ok u missed my 'Mateship' post :(


Tarun. said...

@ Keshi: I blogged about it when I started blogging. I have seen that movie atleast a dozen times in last four years.

Awesome stuff that.

I did not miss ur post I missed commenting.