Cricket: Aussie black capped

Cricket is such a leveler, A month back no one could imagine Aussies could loose, it is a land slide moment. This defeat highlights lots of issues including excessive cricket, and ill timing of series, take nothing away from NZ, they look very likely contenders for WC 2007.

Atleast they do on paper.

Matthew Hayden, big man big scores.

He is a stereotype in the nature of the way he has scored runs, debut then a long wait then a sterling tour of India in a historic series for him and Harbhajan series rest they say is history. How time chose mortals to leap into bracket of Legends ... anyways ... Matthew Hayden seems like a tree trunk of a largest tree u could imagine. He is brute ower. I remember he hitting Srinath for a six straight over his head in the last world cup. He could and has perhaps done that to best of the bowlers. He is brute power, there is no point in looking where the ball is going coz u are likely to imagine the distance when the flight of ball ends.
He hit 10 off those against Kiwis in the last match. He hammered them all over and still Aussies lost the match { :)} Shane Watson blast a quick fire 68 on top of the order. Hussey meanwhile does everything better than Bevan he is a better runner and a better finisher than Bevan plus he is a very safe fielder. I am not sure if he bowls regularly But he is very very good and very very unfortunate as well.
Hayden score 181 not out and he may have beaten Kiwis to all part off the ground but the worst or the best was yet to come.

70 for 4, Y know what ...

It is never over till it is truly over. NZ was 70 for 4 I had given up hopes till McCullum and McMillan started thrashing the Kangaroos with some power smacking pile drivers and changing momentum in their favour. MacMillan a suprise selection when SL toured NZ and then has merry of chances given to him. He bats a bit too low but then Fleming is the best Captains one is likely to find, so the theory is justified as the result is. he smacked 50 of 30 balls in the second match and now he went better a 67 ball 100, boy it would have been fun watching it. McCullum meanwhile is all about strong really strong forearms. McCullum along with Razzaq, Symonds, Pietersen, Dhoni, Yuvraj, Hussey are the best finishers and surely in my list of must watch players for me in this world cup. There would be more but these are the super exclusive I will be looking out for. By the way there is a very limited to chose between them.

Hit em all over.

McMillan would have been very very pleased and brings himself into very inform players to be reckoned for the world cup McMillan just spoofed Aussies bowlers sinking them to an embarrassing 3-0 thrashing. Aussies were dumb founded. The problem is using just 4 bowlers. It has been a key problem, with no Warne and McGrath retiring after the world cup, the Aussie bowling department looks out of option. Injury is another key, but one must realize that some Aussie player gets njured before a major tournament. Warne was injured last time around, he recovered in tiime only to have founf guily of illegal medication. I dont know what it is but some of the Aussie player has to go down in news as injured, if someone would could tell me why?
Anyways the whole cricket world is excited as world cup is open for more competition, the Aussie may still win though but atleast it would not be a spill over.


Arz000n said...

Though I'm out of touch from cricket for like ages now...but I clearly remember this guy HAYDEN being pain in ass for indian team....man he used to neva get out by anyone...

One tough dude to be in a team. Luckie Aussies...

Tarun. said...

@ Hayden: yes, been out of form for a while but looks good for now.