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Yes it is about to get under way, a week or so remains, the chase begin soon and will take a long winding route to end in the hands of people who bend out last.

The Cricket world cup is about to get under way in the land of Calypso. The media (read news channels) in India is trying really hard to flog a dead horse into life but the dead horse will spring to life if and only if India has a rollicking start to the World Cup. Me wanting to be honest wont rate India's chances too high even though the World Cup could be anybody's game. The bowling is the key, as it was in Champions trophy, I don't think Indians have the bowling quiet there to take the honours.

This blog and WC 2007.

I love blogging cricket. well as the Mega event gets under way, I don't want to wish that it turns out to be like Champions trophy. I would not even label it as a drag it was so awful. I will be shifting to a new office. It is a make shift arrangement in a mechanical workshop but the best part is ones own desk add a pc ;)

The idea of this blog is how the game of cricket and my point of view on lifes run parrallel to each other.My Nana, (Grandfather, mother's father) had a funda on siblings, he often said to me the behaviour of siblings was often 360/n where "n" is number of siblings, as the number goes on decreasing the behaviour seems far apart.The same is so true for me and my elder brother. Anyways ... the point being I am looking forward for some good performances and I am sure there would be many as for some it would their first WC and for some their last. There are al sorts of players. the players profiled here would be form Top 6 test playing nations. If one does not find players from lower ranked teams the reason is simple, I have not much to write about them.

This blog will take you up and down and try to find things which would be left unsaid/unclaimed.

I hope I find time in my busy schedule ;p.

What will you read?

Updates lots of them, first second and third edits. Player profiles, number crunching, notions, views and reviews. I want to really blog on this WC 2007. I also want to profile the players I will be watching and see what tricks they have up their sleeves. It is a littile sad that Bret lee and Abdur Razzaq are out due to injury coz me would have love them performing. I may not watch all the games but then net will help me track down whats actually happening. Rediff and cricinfo will be there so will be the WC bloggers and the news channels :/

The list of players who I would be profiling is long so I have planned to write in certain brackets and may be see how things unroll. I would first start profiling the captains and then there would be a series of openers, middle order batsmen, all rounders, bowlers, the key poisiton the number ones. and may be the umpires too.
lets get things unroll ...

The Captains.

The captins are as follows.

  1. Rahul Dravid
  2. Ricky Ponting
  3. Mahela Jaywardene
  4. Inzamam Ul Haq
  5. Stephen Fleming
  6. Greame Smith
  7. Michael Vaughan
  8. Brian Lara

I am staring with the Indian team captain.

Rahul Dravid

He was dubbed at the start of his career as a Test Only" stuff has completed 10 K runs in ODI, very dependable and his form and consistency is the only bankable think India have right now. He knows what he is doing, adapts well, good person and a good student of the game.

He is the Wall, top batsmen in the world in terms of value of his wicket and consitency over the period of last 5 years. India's form will flactuates depeending up deman and supply of Dravids batting. He has walked out of Tendulkar's shadow. One is expecting grit from Dravid.

Ricky Ponting.

He has nightmare playing spinners in India rest of things he is supreme as good if not better than Dravid leads an all demolishing side, which looks demolished for the moment. He is all about scoring runs big time. He has full reptoire of strokes and play quicks very quickly . He is a brilliant fielder perhaps I will make a checklist of fielders as well.

He is known as the punter, has had boughts and fights but mellowed down. If you dont get him early then you may not find him in your grasp well. He is in pink of form and looks dangerous at any given point in time.Keep a close watch. The World CUp is currently in his position but may not be too long before he has to give it up.

Mahela Jayawardene.

He is all about silken touch. He is a lovely touch player. He is leading a young side often the cause of his own dismissal. He is leading the Lankans in the right direction. He is currently short on form and match practice. India be ware he plays spinners well. He may have hopes from Lankans but runs have dried up for him, he is over exxaggerating with Sangakarra too much, He needs a cushion of a very steady and reliable middle order.


Bovine. He has a no no sense approach can do anything with the bat, big burly powerful one of the mebers of 10 K club needs to find his own. The Paki bowlers are missing. Pakis may bow out early cos lack of know talent is missing but wont be suprise if an unkown Pak bowlers steam rolls a quality batting line like India in couple of spells.

He hits them they stay hit. He can clear boundaries easily, quality spin player attacking batsmen. he would want to better his international record. He has an amazing middle order to rely on. Go for it Inzy :)

Stephen Fleming.

Good looks solid batsmen very very reliable. I have lost count for the years he has been a Kiwi captain but definetly doing well. He too like Jayawardene is a touch player. He will be best remembered for when he belted the Proteas all over in last world cup and kiwis cruised home. he is a shear delight to watch . He takes time getting into full mode but can keep things together.
he has the services of a real good fast bowler(Shane Bond), a genuine dashing batsmen in form(Craig MacMillan), a very clinical finisher(McCullum) and a very good spinner (Vettori). He is likely to be the fore runner of holding that Cup when the frenzy ends.

Greame Smith.

Huge is the word that comes to mind. Awesome talent. He can pund anything to submission. He needs to control himself and perform with a bettr consistent. He can explode and chief architect of Proteas turn around in last couple of seasons. He leads a side of mavericks (Gibbs). the foucused (Pollock) and Kallis. He has to perform above his limits if SA needs to be Champs. He is robust and can take on the heat will the lady luck smiles, let wait and watch.

Micheal Vaughan.

I am not sure if he is leading the side coz England has been in dumps forever especially in ODI stuff. He is perhaps the most inexperienced of the lot. He has played only 77 matches. He is leading Flintoff and Pietersen, Monty and Anderson. He is not likely to go much a Caribbean cruise may be a good idea or should I wait till its all over.

Brian Lara.

The whole write up can and rot in a dump or burn this blog up in flames soft spoken crack pot can do anything he wants to on the cricket field. He is singley responsible for SA outster in 96 and 2003. Lara can play anybody anyway anywhere. There are batsmen and there is a Lara. He his the host captain and would love to brak the jinx of host not winning the World Cup.
He leads a weird batting lin eup which has a very good tail, a tail that wags. He too needs lady luck by his side.Is west Indies playing SA ;)?


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Oooh so I'll get my daily dose of the world cup from ur blog .. we unfortunately don't have that channel here ... and over the yrs i hv lost interest in cricket as well .. but ur blog wud be really good for highlights as usual :D :D

Keshi said...

Happy Holi Tarun!

abt WC....I really dun give a damn as much as u guys do LOL!


Tarun. said...

@ Loon Gal:Sure, why not?

@ Keshi: :D Different people different choices.

Keshi said...

yep..I mean I watch Cricket if SL/Aus/India is playing. o.w. I dun give a damn what happens to it :)


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Rahul Dravid = captain??? I just realised .. and am surprised .. not coz i doubt his ability .. but i am plain surprised if he wud be able to tackle the stress and play well at the same time ... coz he's usually mister dependable...

Tarun. said...

@ Keshi: :D Iguessed that. nm. Aussies awesome so is SL at times.

@ Loony:Man atleast someone would be reading my WC post, thanks for coming in Loony.