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The times change, before you realize one round of change has take place, the word seem to have gone multiple round of changes, it is so subtle. It is call a “quasi-static” process. One cannot leave out thermodynamics. I for some reason keep relating things to one another. I love making analogies, I don’t know if it makes any difference, only thing I notice is “come on get on with it.” e.g. electrical system and mechanical defect of surge in compressors cannot have any relation but then it is analogy which I used to understand what happens when a feeder of a power plant goes down and excitation system of a power plant comes to the rescue of the generator. I don’t know what the world makes of analogies but I love them.

Office Office …

I have shifted to a new office; well first I was in site office now the workshop acts as a makeshift office till the control room has come up. It is kind off fun brainstorm about weird things till some experienced guy comes in and says what the hell, why not this. It is like building a big database on your top floor. What I always want to learn is what not to do! The life is all about weird ambivalences and things help if you know what is not to be done.
The perks of new offices are a super cool Cannon printer, a 5 MP Lumix camera to keep clicking what’s happening, separate table and chair along with the a phone landline phone. The desktop doesn’t have a net connection so if u don’t get comments or post out of here then wait till the weekend. The phone is not quiet connected to the port so nothing is ringing. The ACs are cool though. There is documentation done in two places now, as if confusion of documentation was missing double the place treble the confusion. It is weird it takes days to clear the whole thing i.e. compiling, filing, distributing, recollecting, assigning, and placing the documents as soon as you clear it up there is another bulk of it. There are three hard copies of reports, drawings; notes or vendors ads add some type of notifications and regulations in this heap. The only advantage is you are the first one to actually know what’s happening and keeping the track of it is simply a nightmare.
Bosses give a call and just dictate a few letter number and just says please do the needful ASAP.
Anyways first few weeks were like don’t know what but know you exactly what notes you need to hit the keyboard and then its fun. Let me talks of some reports. If u can try imagining a carton of say 2 by 3 containing reports on which only couple of letters and a few numbers are written it and three to four sets. I wonder, how life would be if there was Shift+Delete for real? Then there are drawings technical ones piping and instrumentation diagrams, P&ID for short or a technical report of still best technical drawing come of them could be as large a single bed sheet or a table cover. They seem so real One could imagine how the thing would look like if one know what’s he/she is looking at. Then there are specifications lots of specifications piping codes material codes, welding codes all that for one segment of a pipe called a flange which belongs to some pipe which drains out condensate of a by-pass piping running behind the module number 5 of header number 4 which goes through the super heater before emptying in out before the reheater spray in the economizer below the silencer number 29. You did well if u could get a hang of it, if u did not then you would be standing really close behind the person who wrote all this.
It is not complicated at all, just follow the diagram and one must stand firm on some funda. If you know all that one could sleep walk to the desired location never mind if it is 35 m of the sea level or a cooling tower from which the heaves feel a bit closer. I was up on a cooling tower and I said the world looks breath taking from here. My friends who climbed up the NDCT, (it is the same structure it is a scientific misnomer for Cooling tower.) and told me the scene from top of there is breath taking, I simply took their word from it.
The new boss is amazing very technical very correct very experienced. Then there is my team leader who seems to be a man of hurry and he is too a gem of a person. If I make an impression on these people it would be worth my salt. I have been told to read everything I can lay my hands on related to earthing which has bought me back to earth. I have also to explain the boiler feed pump which is the heart of the whole power plant business already I have done with couple of presentation this one is one I am looking forward too.

Women’s Day.

Me and women/woman or whatever. I always had a “limited” company of woman and it wasn’t the most happening things to be. I always have carried the notion that women have amzing hand writing great soft hands and weird sense of humour. I gave up the though very early in my early teens that woman can be understood. They idea to exchange so many Blog links was perhaps an attempt to understand at least what they right but then exchange rate of info is not the greatest. I don’t think mankind has ever really understood women; ever. They have tried but then we have not really begun as off date. The fault could be exclusively ours but then reasons of how things are what they are need to be explained. In the world where one needs to offer explanation for every breath one draws, being tacit is not an option applicable. It amazes and surprises me anyways good or bad, right or wrong is never understood. It seems in this case the garden on own’s side looks green. Let me just say if being a woman in a man’s world is not easy then being a man in men’s world is not the easiest. We may have some odd “privileges” but they too come at a cost, simply because nothings come for free.
I hope some woman bloggers have some idea to know what they wish to do. I hope they have some discrete ideas and do something concrete and meaningful. Blog this I think me has been planning do to something related to cry but nothing as off yet. I will I know someday.
My mother had a good women’s day. She was damn happy, my father for first time took her to his office and showed her the whole plant. She was damn happy and she narrated it and I imagine she really enjoyed the detour. Not much off Women’s day in office, coz there are not many around and more over me has shifted from the main office so not much to write about.

WC and this blog?

Well for one the WC matches would be around weekend so would be blogging at least India’s matches. I am living alone only at weekends do I come home on late Saturdays nights. May be I will have to come home just to watch the match and write some blog. Let’s see. They say you have to give up all u can sense so that you really find the inner you. The thought of giving up cricket is very very crazy. I know I have never touched the cricket bat and faced a ball in ages but I don’t ever wish to get cricket off my mind I love the game.

Sunday mornings and Tequila Sunrise.

I did not have tequila for starters it’s just the song Tequila Sunrise by Eagles that played all day on my terminal along with Hotel California. I will download some track featuring Shakira and Nelly Futartdo. The obviously there were songs by Bryan Adams I have never had enough of him and can listen to him for hours to no end provided cricket is not being telecasted.

India’s Chances.

Well not much  Semi finals and that’s it. I am vouching for NZ and SA followed by SL. There is a belief though there has to be some surprise. The fans would consider Aussies bowing out in Semis as a surprise but they are definitely a team to beat and it would be a pass if they win it. I think the time is right to have new champions I just don’t know who it will be coz what goes round comes around.


Keshi said...

** I wonder, how life would be if there was Shift+Delete for real?

So much more easier ofcourse. I wish there was a IGNORE button too :)


Invincible said...

Hey Tarun,
You just let all ur office secrets out ! i wonder if ur competitors r reading this blog.
Just be careful.

I still think the world cup is going to Oz. They r just too good when it matters.
England, NZ n SA might be the other 3 in semis. I hv no hope from our team (and that wud save me from eventual n certain disappointment).

Tarun. said...

@ Keshi: Yes y not. But one things for sure there is always a dust bin out there ....

@ Invinci: Not much of secrets man. People may read it but I think I have not spilled out a bean. But surely would seek a cautious approach from now on.


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