Cricket: Catch 20-20

The catch 22 will soon gave cath 20-20.The only agony is adds, i thionk they have to still formulate a way to show the action live and dont let ads screw up the fun ... thats why i feel at times football serves well.
Too many things are likely to happen in twenty twenty before u bat an eyelid.

A complete cricket fan story.

India vs Pakistan has to be a sell out. I heard Hussain joking that atleast coule of people would watch that one, it was a good one while wtahcing the watch i turned my head behind my back ad the count was 15, me excluded. It has to be a pack house anywhere.
Anyways I was a bit late afta dinner, the score card read 9-2, i thought well lets see whats happening.

Asif ......... tere bin ....

He is good, he has got pace and amazing thing called control. He can take it both ways and bowls a line which is really nagging, as nagging as a mother in law. ANyways he bowled three dot balls and Gambhir felt the pinch. One must know that Asif holds the distinction of bowling the first maiden in 20-20. Anyways the flood gates opened... i mean flood gates for wickets. Sehwag played what he played best, a nothing shot. I mean u facing someone with great control and pitching is making the ball dart around, doesn't it make sense to see what it is like spenidng time in the middle. Sehwag can shred any attack to bits provided he puts sense to what he is upto ... I mean doing anything blindly is insane.

I am not a big fan of Karthick, cause he has to be consistent. The ball that got him was a beauty and would have tested anybody, he couple of gutsy blows got Utahappa going. One over extra was a beauty.

Uthappa on his own.

Gutsy is the word for him. He is a very good hitter down the ground and thats class. A couple od sixes if hanid really turned the tide is not for some rain India looked well to getting some more.

Give it to the Pak bowlers.

India vs Paak has always been India batsmen vs Paki bowlers. Pak will have no dearth of bowlers, thay just come from nowhere and mean bussiness and have a lot of flair. The new bowler Tanvir who bowled of the wrong foot kept Dhoni and Utahappa in check. It was for him that Utahappa was out following a number of rain intervention ...

Pathan vs Pathan.

Irfan Pathan beltwe to towering sixes and wallopped Afridi out of the park. Those were huge stuff, something what India may have been missing off late.
Bang bang and gone. He was bowled following two sixes.

Indian bowling.

Agarkar has sleepeless lint is he doesnt give up easy hit me balls, man come alive, dont srew it up. I think there is not dearth of talent we have to find someone who is a bit more tidy then Agarkar coz he goes plenty. I thought he have a bright chance before he came in and screwed it up big time last four overs gone for 54. can u believe it? I mean some expierenced Pak player would have creamed it. I for once thought of giving sehwag and Yuvi a ball in the middle.

Harbhajan on a bhjan.

He bowled beautifully to Afridi and fooled him twice and then got him the second time to restrict Afridi is no mean task. Afridi went and then it was a Pak show.

In the end.

India played the right card Harbhajan Sehwag and Utahappa pulled it of for India. I thought Pak bowlers would cream it up but they couldn't enforcing India to come on top of the group. Well done.

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