Cricket: India lose series

Flintoff is the difference between joy of victory and grimace of a series loss. India won the test, needless to say Flintoff was injured, Flintoff played more than half the series and India lost.

Writing is on the Wall.

Dravid sometimes make shocking declarations followed by honest addmissions. India did well so did Dravid, but that declaration is test was never to be.One more rocking thing, y wasnt yuvaj, now almost slated for a fixed position for ODI was asked to come in at three down. I think Yuvraj deserves to be 2 down, at number four. If yuvraj finishes playing the 50 overs no matter where he comes in, India will look to be in a decent competitive postion if not a winning one. Thats the magic of Yuvraj.
There is no point saying Aleem dar gave in some cocky decision, India could be more than competitive if people stuck to task and played the full 50 overs. It is a crime not to play the full quota of overs. India fell short of playing 15 deliveries, imagine 25 runs more.

Jewel in a dust

Seeing Piyush chawla ripping it across Pietersen, with latter having no clue was mesmerising it was edge of the seat stuff. He and powar bowled well all series. Thi send marks perhaps a battle which may rage on in times to come. Piyush Chawla vs kevin Pietersen, keep a track on that.
Why is Vaughan not there is a puzzle? I mean he will score better than Matt prior even with his eys close. Cook Vaughan to open KP one down Collingwood two down Bell next followed by Shah or Wright next, Flintoff and Prior and then the bowlers, Prior, Collingwood and Flintoff giving very fexibility along with some more spinners a decent batsmen, looks good for NEgland provided they play more.

India I think Sachin and Sourav are in way of some serious talent. Gambhir, Uthappa, Sehwag, and some more known and unknown players would be praying for doors to be opened soon. I mean I would not mind Tendulkar retire or atleast be selective in the games he play.I hope Tendulkar retires one year down the line. He must focus on test and thats where a bit more fun is missing.

India did well to come up 3-3. The oval match was a edge of seat stuff ...
Twetny 20 is up next, hopefully India wont crash out before the cup really gets underway.


~Lord Anshul said...

have u seen sachin playing but at all in the series....it is vintage sachin, not afraid to hit over the top, coming down the line to hit the ball, not even 10% delivaries faced were defended. this the sachin we'd luv to watch. i highly believe that retirement should be made his personal choice and any such speculation to bias his decision should be refrained.

Neha said...

hey i thougth sachin n saurav did pretty well in this series.. didnt they?

Tarun said...

@ Anshul: I prefer Sachin to leave when he is on a high, not when he is dragging himself and the team and all of cricketing fans.
He has played as good as anytime in his career.
Aussies are coming soon, I hopeu puts them to sword as he has previously done.
I would not mind he staying in test and chosing the ODIs he plays ...

@ Neha: Hi how have u been?
Yes Sachin and Sourav played well, so did Dravid and Yuvraj.Bowlers are the concern for me.

Andy said...

Hi Tarun..

P vs P was excellent.. an 18 yr old leggie fooling a guy who hit Shane around was awesome.

But I disagree with your view that S and S are in the way of serious talent.

isnt 'leaving on a high' a selfish thing? you leave so that you will be remembered well.. but you are also leaving when you are contributing a lot and can contribute more.

Gambhir??? he is the batting Agarkar.. so many chances and yet doesnt deliver.. Sehwag is good but is he as consistent as the other S & S? The matches we won were only because of the two who are supposedly in the way of serious talent..

whats your view on Dravid's resignation?

Tarun said...

Man, there is a time to go,but then lets see,u cant force anyone out of the team ...