Cricket: India conquer 20-20

It was a cliff hanger. I just remember the burst of crackers and pyro the moment Sreesanth held to Misbah catch at short fine leg. He held on it it for dear life and Dhoni lifted the T-20 World Cup. India dismantle some good teams on their way to the world cup, proving that best of abilities wont get you much, but best of performance surely will. India performed well. They won coz the beat the best teams in business. It included, Pakistan (twice) England (not highly rated, obviously) South Africa, Australia.
South Africa being the best balanced they always seem to have more than three all rounders. Boucher will always bat, Kallis,(did not play in the Cup!) Pollock, Morkel, Hall, Kemp and I may add Gibbs coz he is a damn good fielder.
Aussies well they know to win in every format on that can be played, their team hardly changes be it Test, ODI, T-20. They are a very good team but surprisingly there are not too many all rounders, only specialist, there is scope to get into their fifth bowlers but you seldom see it coz their planning is so good, along with the execution.. So when India scored big there is every chance of a team defending if two of the bowlers fire.

India missed a big heart bowler.

I felt Zaheer Khan should have played this series. India looked way out. It is taxing this format coz couple of bad balls just can give the momentum to the opposition. India at the moment doesn’t have a bowler who can sent shiver into the spine, forget the shiver, they may not even send a cautionary note. It is not about the pace but place too. Bret Lee and Shane Bond were dispatched all over the park, they were the fastest, but it is normal to see couple of Indian bowlers go above six an over in ODI. I think the better thing would be to bowl to a set field, I mean why bother too much, being a pro bowl to your strength sert the field coz batsmen men will always give a chance if he is tied down, by setting an offside field and bowling full on leg stump will only help the batsmen to score runs.

Catch ‘em ma’an

Did u have a look at the fielding? Indian fielding and they bowling extra’s is the indication of whether India is playing well or not. They some how manage to put a decent show if they field well which is not something they do regularly. India fielded well in general. The youngster inclusion perhaps added to this but there was a discipline for one and all to see. There was also a sense or urgency in cutting down the angles. The running between the wickets was a treat to watch. Sehwag I think did well in this, but I am still far from impressed with his batting. He looks to play only a cut shot which is causing him to get in and get out before you can say “I”.

Vice Versa.

I think T-20 will influence the game of cricket for sure. It will directly impact the 50 over game or it may out shine it. But tighten up your seat belts as cricket will hasten up and may quicken up the pace. The scope of stopping runs will go on increasing and teams will be separated by the way the field coz there would be close finish between the international teams. We had hit over 200 and England matched us only to go down fitting. West Indies had butchered SAfs only to be butchered by Gibbs and they lost defending 200! WI have forgotten how to win. I hope they remember what is it too win a cricket match. I mean by now I think there would be middle aged won cooking up stories of what a potent force WI use to be. Well across the Atlantic in England there would be mythic going around with stories of English knights braved dragons and winning cricket tournaments. It is a sorry state.
But there is enough seen in t-20 where an old folk may ask u to go back to the basic, run hard, be quick on feet, stick around for partnerships and look for percentage cricket. The T-20 perhaps will keep this game of cricket, a game of glorious uncertainties.
A cricket match will never be over until the last run is scored of last wicket is taken.

Flying back home.

So the ministers and BCCI officials were given the first row seats, Dhoni was there too, he was felicitated and so were his over the moon hyped “Daredevils”. India won a World Cup 24 years later … well that caught my cricketing mind spinning. I mean come on can u ignore truth and still hold onto to your conscience. If I am not wrong, under Dada’s captaincy we won the Mini World Cup, the knock out, actually we shared it along with Sri Lanka but we were winners of the tournament and there too we beat good teams, wonder no ones mention that. I hope no one noticed that ever, coz the eye see what they want to see.

Cash in on T-20

It is a money spinner for everyone, hosting board, participating board, spectators, betters and also cricket players. The news channels hyped in so did the broadcasters. The government poured some money over players who played exceptionally well. So all in all it was an enriching experience.

Bottom Line.

I got a forward in which which quoted former president, respected APJ Abdul Kalam, “India will be a super power in 20-20”.
:P think about it.

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