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When in Surat do as the Surti does ...
Well it is a Sunday, I had a class in lieu of prepration for the big CAT, which get everyone purring for cover. I just missed a date with a Swiss Miss, the most delicious chocolate pastry you will have. It is a sheer delight. It is so lite, and the pocket just feels lighter before you have one. Well now that I am earning it doesn't count much.

Plan of the coming evening ...

There are colleagues which are coming in. I stay just outskirts of Surat, from where office is nearer. MY parents have shifted back to Mumbai so bit more fun freaking out.There is a lot to do, you can have some great Ponk, thats amercan born, boiled and all ready to be eaten. There is a new sizzler join, or a tradtional food at Gangaur where India junk food can be eaten. Then there are Sandwiches waiting in other corner of the city. Then there is the famous "Khau Galli" where u get everything of quantity. There is a close thelawala who coks some great dishes from scrambled, boiled, omlettes, just awesome, must eat needless to say. Then there are falooda to be had once evening turns night. If nothing beckons it will be chicken at Sugar n Spice.


Thinking of Johnny Gaddar, I hope people follow suit and think of seeing a movie, it has been a wekk since I last saw Bourne Ultimatum. I have seen all the three bourne series. I love it. Matt Damon you rock. Thats was in Mumbai.


The orkut and the blogging bug. I had to come it was days since I last saw what an Orkut login looks like. I just enterd a cyber cafe to catch up with the virtual world and kee myself in check as to whats happening. After getting thru to scraps and checking out the latest Spam on my email accounts looking for something on Yahoo!

It is Yo Yo! happening.

It is not exactly a Yo Yo is happening but I see a bubble in the market thats happening and when things get to rosy u get a bit thorn in your flesh. A thousand points without a correction, I see a big slump. I hope it does, just for your attention Stocks like RNRL climed 35% in one day. My friend put forward an interstig fact, although the markets are marching forward, reliance stocks across the board are correcting. I thnk it is high time people booked some profits. It is a the right time.
There are stocks like Tata Power who have climbed from Rs 640 something to a mighty Rs850.
I over heard joking buying Ispat stell for a 100 shares, it is quoted at just Rs 28. I am tempted to buy something as well, but then things are two awry right now, lets see, I need to buy a few things more. The CAT formsare up for sale, the MBA colleges just should hand a pdf file on their sites and ask for CCHeque or Demand draft that will make forms a bit more accessible, only thing is just the form number but then people in IT field would have more than one ready asnwer for this one. It is no rocket science.
I am contemplating a laptop. But the made a few investments and markets just soared.I just wish to keep a tab on it. But buying a laptop at this point in time will perhaps not be a hole in a pocket, I will stipped of all my earning to date. So lets see, but one eye is on a nice lapy for sure.

See it; buy it.

A trip to Biz Bazaar is must, u just want to go their to check out a few things only to come out a few trolleys full. I tneed to but some detergents. My mom use to say U will come to know everything when U start earning, she was right. God .
A few cakes of detergents, a few pakcets of eatbles, achar ki bottle, some farsan for emergency stock of midnite supper. I am dearly in a modd to have Maggi Noodles.I just bought a pair of denims and sport shoes a while back. :)

I hope I get time to write more coz a big weekend is coming up. the secondof october marks birth anniversary of two great men. A cousin of mine is also celebrating his birthday. I havent meet him in years. I will catch up with him once I get to Mumbai.

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