Blog: Lost time and blogs

Well, lots of things happening.My family got extended, I got a promotion, I am a proud Uncle of a baby Boy named Aaryan, my bhabhi and brother were blessed with a baby boy on 28 of last month and things have been just buoyant since then. I am still to see all the snaps of my cute nephew. My brother did send me some but then managed to see just a few of those. I was all the while thinking of a girls name but then fate had something other in store. I remember all the fist fights and arguements and the fun at times I and my brother use to have, there was never enough. I was really happy for my parents coz after going through thick and thin of life the pleasure of grand child is good enough to be sniffed. I need a UK visa coz the baby was born in the UK and now my family has NRI blood running in the veins.
My parents will hopefully make it to UK soon, while I will bide my time and wait for my brother and his young song to come back home.Well the young chap has a brat of an example already to teach him the trick of all the trades.It was the earliest Diwali gift that I ever got.

Whats coming up next?

  1. I continue my training in Ahemdabad for more than a month.
  2. CAT
  3. India Pakistan test
  4. N95 and iPhone take a pick
  5. Chilly wintery mornings.
  6. Catching up with friends folks and old pals
  7. New Year ... there is time but then
  8. Dos and Dont of Ahemdabad.
  9. Few more blog posts.


Prax said...

No iPhone..its got more issues than you can imagine, and they seem to be missin' the nokia "connectin' people" thing.

Nancy (aka Dalila) said...

Hey Tarun, congratulations!! It's been a while. I see you have a lot of great news. Cool!
Summer is here already and I can't wait to take my vacations. Cheers.

Tarun said...

@ Prax: Thanks for coming in ... iPhone ... man it feels such a cool baby to have in ur hnds grafix s amazing ... only thing is u need time to unravel.

@ Nancy: :) Thanks ... Winter is here and it feels lovely awesome weather ...