Cricket: Consistent India cricket.

What is consistency?

Agarkar bowling 10 overs for 60 run (at least).
I have to start with him.

Tendulkar consistently hitting runs and his critics and hiding in bad form all of a sudden and not kicking on after sticking for so long.

Yuvraj Singh hitting sixes.

Sreesanth getting Symonds

Symonds walloping sixes all over.

India consistently losing

Aussies consistently winning.

Aghast Indian cricket fans.

From-the-sublime-to-the-ridiculous News Channels.

The ball trickling over to the boundary after two Indian fielders have escorted it the boundary.

The ball clearing fence after Harbhajan gifted a second full toss in the over.

I blogging over how consistent Indian cricket and the paraphernalia is.

Look at it this way.

The eyes see what they look at and not how things really are. Tendulkar at times get suck into shell. He is the most thrilling batsmen to watch ever. He hits out of form out of no where, he gets stuck in a rut out of no reason what so ever. One may ask why gunning for Tendulkar, why not Dravid. He got a peach of a delivery. He was out for nothing. Tendulkar got stuck in middle and was finding hard to rotate strike. I can’t believe that, coz he is one batsman who has more than one stroke for any sort of delivery. He has to fire, if he isn’t then the game is bigger than anyone who has ever played it. I seriously think he should give up ODIs, he is consistently hinted how demanding the sport is becoming. The likes of Tendulkar and Ganguly are in the way of likes of Gambhir (evolving), Utahappa (he too is an opener) and Sehwag if one may add. Ganguly and Tendulkar have nothing less than fabulous but they will give way to youngsters sooner rather than later.

Yuvraj hitting some purple patch.

He is a wonderful timer of cricket ball and hits sixes as effortless as India bowlers bowl gift balls. He is in some form. He has to bat at two down max. He played with some form and has been doing really really well, for once he stuck a century and India lost. Do you know that he crossing 50 is one of the signs India winning, check out the stats? But then there are a few more issues that I will list them. It was the perhaps the silver lining of the cloud.

Is it to hard to imagine?

Utahappa, Gambhir, Tendulkar, Yuvraj, Rohit Sharma, Dhoni, Pathan, Zaheer. The other should be filled on the basis of form and fitness. This is the ideal line up. There would be a great fix over Sehwag but at present, he is not quiet there. He is there coz he is know playing a flash in the pan game he come and he sees and he is seen off. He has bounded himself by Law of Marginal Returns. He has forgotten that he too can play straight? percentage cricketing shots. But his time will come.

Why the Indians lagging?

Dhoni is a new captain, he has too think of too many things, but one thing is for sure, when an Indian wicket falls the new batsmen is greeted with a slip fielder already in place and when India bowlers take wicket the new batsmen sees long and long off on the boundary, the point fielder sweeping, the midwicket fielder right at the edge of the circle and a hapless Indian bowler guilty of taking wicket and a keeper with sans a hair band and locks so lovely that he may give a chase to the girl doing a Shampoo ad. I am not against Dhoni keeping long locks. I am just jealous coz I can’t grow my hair so long.

Did you see Clarke bat when he hit a century did u Symonds in this match if you have the patience of seeing the whole of the respective innings the gentlemen played you would have notice that for Clarke there was a second slip and he edged Pathan for four and Symonds snicked Tendulkar did he edged it to four as well? There was obviously no fielder employed and Symonds would send at least half a dozen Christmas invitations to Dhoni and Co.

The sad part is there would be more blogs like this coz there would be more Indian performances like these.

This is what is consistency.

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