Cricket: All said & done.

All said and done India have made sure that this match produces a result, it my not be in their favour, thats another issue.

So a few Questions that I blogged yesterday have been answered.

Bhajji bowled such a line to be fair to Aussies, he wanted to prove them he is not a Warnie. :)

India did polish the tail but tha was the last joy, they will enjoy in this test.

Indians could not see the new ball off, the red cherry bid farewell to Indian top order.

Indians did not have enough fuel to keep the stove burning.

Nature of things likely to come up.

Aussies to get bowled out for 125. Zaheer rocks the top order, Ponting again beaten of a peach. Harbhajan bowls Hayden out of rough. Kumble taking quick three wickets, Hussey, Symonds and Clarke. R.P. pegs Gilly's stumps back.
Can anything be more Utopian?
Aussies need to just stay in the first session off with not much damage, they will manage the affairs after that. Indians have rested all the intiative back to the Aussies.

Cricket the great leveller.

Any player who knows it, Yuvraj fail to trouble the scorers and went out for blob, Dhoni did not add anything either. This is a transition for Indian team and grit has to come out.

Sehwag is not Dravid, Dravid is no Sehwag.

Talk of black and white and Sehwag an Dravid wouldn't be to bad a comparison. One has to score against Aussies just playing, proding and defending wont help win matches against Aussies. I did not understand why wasnt rotating the strike was even thought off, is it so difficult?.Sixty Six balls for five runs.

The only joy was Sachin.

Watching him bat was a pleaseant break, it was like watching Raju Srivastav in a comedy show in a break between Sas-Bahu series, alas the Tendulkar show did not last long. He batted got a start, scored a fifty and holed out at 62.

Bottom line.

Indian need a billion prayers to see that this ends in a draw. But they have sown the seeds for defeat already.

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