Blog: Bygone be bygones.

Is life discrete? By the way this is not a question for humanity as a whole not that alein thing ok, it is for self. I mean how do you see life, is it discrete or is it continuous? I mean can life be "compartmentalized" like personal, friends, family, careers, likes, dislikes, cricket, that too all insulated from each other. I believe it can't be done coz whatever happens in one aspects or facet of life does affects other. If u not feeling well for example then things in which you participate our bound to drag in a deeper whole. But one has to go through the agony of grind all through, may be alone.

But 2007 would be remembered for more than one reason. I got my confirmation my pay doubled. I invested money and have given decent returns. I did not invest a fortune, a la Warren Buffet but never the less. My brother and bhabhi are now parents to a healthy child.The gran parents of the young kid cant have enough of him. I heard saying once to the effect that,a man loves interest of the amount more than the principal.I had thought of a girl's name but then the little boy is doing well. I am still to see him, I will in this year hopefully soon or latest by Summer. Chachu dearest can wait to have his nephew and teach him to flip and somersault and jump on to the sofa from the dinning table and then to a set of cushions and then run amock the neighbours screaming in a sleepy afternoons in themiddle of the summer. Plus all that mufat ki advice.

One of my friends got engaged, in the whole thing one more friend got added in the list, obviously his fiancĂ©. Going to his engagement was good fun. It was hectic, 1500 kms 36 hours, I spent more time traveling then spending time at engagement. The coffee I had at his place was as good as any I have had anywhere. The engagement as first among us friends so that made it special and weren’t my parents happy to see the snaps. But the couple looked really awesome together and everything went all well. I was with my camera there clicking snaps. The tide will return again, one more college time friends is getting married next month.

2007 was a years of emails and fwd some of you reading this bore the brunt of it but that’s what people do after lunch. If they don’t send receive delete relocate 50 MB mails in a day then its not worth the pay. I joined in too. Anyways email is an effective way to be in touch with people. I discovered it is hell lot cheaper then making calls.

Then there was an eager feeling to hit the tread mill, I use to walk around 3 km in 30 minutes it use to feel good that was the last time I saw my gym. After that,now till date I have just seen it in my dreams, man you know how cold is it to wake up at 7 in the morning? Its not freezing but the sheets just don’t give way.

This year marked the regular gang of people requesting an office car for trips to Surat there is movies, barbecued chicken, many egg preparations and malling on offer. The vehicle is arranged well in advance. So often these trips are fun but at times you just feel like to be back to the four walls (doors and windows included in here) a ceiling and a bed where one can just take the name of Lord and “sleep” of to oblivion.

To be continued …

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