Blog: Million miles away from nowhere.

Tujhse naraz nahi zindagi … perhaps an apt song aired on radio,from the movie Masoom. Its one movie in which Urmila Matondkar genuinely looked Masoom. My roomie and me are cracking jokes on somebody from the office. Its way past midnight 23 minutes to be precise, every second is a lifetime then 23 minutes into the new day is like getting into other dimension. I am waiting for Holi. I love eating Gujiya … alright I will post the snaps. It made of khoya and the tradition especially at my home is this sweet is the only sweet which is made at Holi. I like it coz that’s only once a year Holi comes and this sweet Gujiya is made. I relish it and have done so all my lifetime.

Facing the storm and not ducking to every bouncer.

I think when I started blogging, I wanted to also blog cricket at times I have lost my way and going overboard to blog only of cricket. It wasn’t meant to be. I would love to blog more about more issues. I have at times. But blogger do post up rant post and I post my *rants* though my cricket post. If and when I blog hop, I like to read all kind of stuff. Except sex, there is too much of it. I like reading anything that throws up a weird idea. I am typically out of people who prefer to be in vague rather than vogue. Underdogs shalt always win and I have no problem with being called an underdog. Its not that I may always win. But then it is always good to surprise people pleasantly and detractors gritting sour teeth.

Secret of success.

When do you back down saying enough is enough? For how long should one persist with one pride (shaan). I stand for the fact that every time is the right time to get a reality check in life. One can just keep meandering and not doing anything about ones own life. I think I have stuck myself to my own words and not really thinking as to what one does. I think doing things wrong or making mistake is better than doing nothing and say things will happen they had to happen. The sun will never rise if you decide to sleep all day. Not keeping ones word and breeching trust/faith/belief/confidence is the worst form letting down there could be. This obviously comes when one does not want to try hard enough. I think I have often not tried hard enough, be it CAT, MBA, my parents, friends, peers,my boss, to whom I report, my senior who thinks calmly over any issue related to running of power plant, girl friend. When she reads it she will surely call and say I did not understand why you wrote that. She does read it whenever she can. It also include my job selling and buying shares at times letting people down and at times drowning my own self by jumping the gun and playing all my cards all at one go. Do I have to be more patient and I am really lagging of. Old habits die hard but what about new bad ones?

Realistic, Practical.

It may seem I am undermining myself over something. There are people who do it, I have a closest friend of mine who does it much to my chagrin. Its not that I take out the drums and go round the town singing my own supposedly great deeds, but I accept the compliments and prefer to bury them ASAP and look for more coming my way. I have always said to myself that I can’t please everyone but the ner ones if office/professional life or in personal life should be taken into account.

Conquer my mind.

Procrastinate. Everyone does. I don’t know when I last took a break. I think I haven’t earned one, When do you take a break? When you have done enough which take enough out of you. You can’t take a break when you are in the middle of a break down. Not a mental break down and running out of options. I think I will get bored down if I take a break. It is very important to win over your thinking process and reign in the senses. That’s where I think character and principles comes in.
But is the magnanimity slowly taking a back seat. I can see no one letting down and accepting ones wrong. It seems no mind to uphold their own point and they don’t mind going any lengths to do so.

More on Holi ...

I am perhaps an ordinary planner but when I do plan something I feel things just fall in place. Do you travel by trains? Booking online is a super cool option. I have decided to use that option. Its jus ten rupees over the ticket cost. I or for that matter anyone would be happy to pay. Anyone who has ever registered themselves for an email id can do. I don’t know bout traveling by flight and booking those tickets online. IRCTC is good really good. At least sitting in an AC office premise and clicking a few left clicks and punching the keyboard gets me whether tickets are available. It make it really easier rather then going to the station, get in queue and only get a wait listed ticket.
It all about colours. A welcome to warm summer mornings and chilled glass of buttered milk at lunch, blazing 3 o’clocks and a humming fan just before sleep take over and a bow of sweat which breaks it sometimes after dawn.

Sunday fun day.

The day of Saturday is working for we, so its no weekends for me its just a weekend. I and my friend get an office vehicle we go to Surat, devour chicken in some decent Surat restaurants, shop for grocery st Big Bazaar, check out for a few bargains in a near by Mall. I go kurtas, white one for my father and me on 60% discount. I have promised my mom that I will take her for shopping as well. I exactly don’t know what to buy, coz I am unaware of shades of color, and the cold deadly stare convinces we that Womens floor on any mall is a must not go place for me, I prefer checking out lining shirts, blue denims and black trousers or cotton trousers. I have to buy them this summer. I don’t mind taking a sneek look at earrings. Not for me though ;p never was into any accessories whatsoever. I had a pearl gifted to me, I had a ring which I wore for sometime. I also have a emerald or some green colour stone ring. Lets get into flashback to know their last where abouts.

Buying anything as gift for fems sends a cold shiver up and down my spine, gives me sleepless nights and I feel like I am a million miles away from nowhere.


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@ Keshi: Me flabbergasted.
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