Cricket: Alls well that ends well

India beat Aussies 2-0. It was for once that the heart won and brains lost.Believe me I am still rejoicing the sweet taste of victory.I wanted to blog this last night but then really couldn't muster a computer,a net connection and my sleep plus I had to see the highlights as well. I have seen it several times now, here several pertains to multiple of half dozens.

He is the soul and sole leader.

Dhoni has tonnes of ability. His keeping has been as good as any, minus the drop catch in the final Final. He has taken some amazing catches and stumpings. He has been a good keeper, an ace on first serve. He is not asking people to set example, he is setting them up.He has been there finishing games, cause he is a good finisher.He seems to be always in control and relies exclusively on madness. he has given chances to people and has reaped tremendous benefits.Ganguly kept on winning series after series but never actually contributed in as a player. His test matches away from home were built on foundations laid by Dravid (Adelaide, Rawlapindi,Leeds, Kolkatta) and at Home on experience of Kumble and Sachin.But we must credit him with backing the young guns and getting the maximum out of them.Ganguly built the team around him but then fitness issues and politicking has let him down out of favours. Dhoni mean while is straight out of Ganguly stable but slowly made a name of his own through his charismatic power plays and charm. he has build a team of his own. He fought for what he wanted won us the T-20 and fought again for a team and won us the CB series.

Opening still an issue.

No matter what, opening will be a bane of Indian cricket this time around there were too many. Ganguly was dropped or else there would be only opening batsmen in the line just count this, Tendulkar, Ganguly, Sehwag, Gambhir, Uthappa. But then I think Gambhir has proved himself enough, ie in the T-20 and CB series. I think he should be opening the innings. He is a good runner between wickets and pulls, hooks, cuts and drives well. he is a very good player of the spin. Dale Steyn would be a good test for him but alas he wont be playing test. Sehwag is firmly fix and I am clueless of Jaffer.

Bowlers running in rhythm,hitting the right notes and looking on song.

Ishant Sharma ... find of the series. He looked really good and made Ponting look like an ordinary Punter. It is only befitting that Ponting gave his due before the series ended.Pathan looked in control before the two finals. he did his it though at the death under pressure. The first final is when Hayden stuck into him and belted him all over. Dhoni as a keeper and captain made the right moves. I was apprehensive he thrusted Piyush Chawla. He bowled well though and help Bhajji picking up Hayden and Symonds in both the finals. Praveen Kumar was a suprise too. He look slow but his deliveries skids on to the batsmen. He accounted for Ponting in both the finals.

Tendulkar ... wow

He atlast answered prayers that he smashed a century under pressure to steer India in the first final. The inning was an example of typical Tendulkar innings,he played on eh top of the bounce, fliked and pulled. He was simply superb. He delivered the goods, he batted and score and India won.

Gilchrist hangs his cloak and cape.

Well Gilchrist had been a superman. He played man a innings in which he flayed. He was as good as keeper any the game has see. H was the greatest perhaps. I wonder what Andy Flower thought of him and what Gilchrist thinks of him as a keeper bat. But then this takes nothing away from Gilchrist. He was awesome. Lets join in and bid adieu who has taken the game of Cricket a notch up,a higher pedestal. Gilchrist well done.

Controversy has a new name.

Lets rechristen controversy, thou name shalt be Andrew Symonds. He found opportunity to get under Indian bowlers skin. Sreesanth, Bhajji, Ishant it was good that all of them bowled him over at some point in his career. He is too intimidating and proves his intelligence by researching ways to get out.

Look Under 19 won too.

Duckworth Lewis came to rescue to revise South Africn after they were reduced to three wickets on 6 runs. Well played boys.

A few finds of the tour.

  • Gambhir's reliability.
  • Ishant incisive bowling.
  • Yuvraj's batting form.
  • Tendulkar century. :D
  • Rohit Sharma ipmressive batting, I still feel that dravid has a role play and Rohit playing with Dravid can only help Rohit Sharma.
  • Piyush Chawla bowling, he looked good in Engand.
  • A victory in ODI series after they were forced to loose the Test Series.
  • The future of India cricket looks good.

Lets sit back and savour the victory.

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