Blog: Little laughing Buddha.

The above snap was taken couple of months back.

Try his hands on a set of drums.


He smiles, he laughing keeps on blabbering something and at most times he is laid back.He isn’t the enlighted one but he is lighting up our lives ever since we heard of him fist time quiet a while ago. His uncle doesn’t want him away from his eyes and he often responds with a cheer of laughter. He comes easily in your arms and has no qualms about where he is provided that people are there around with him so that he remains the center of attraction.

My Bhabhi (sis-in-law) and Bhaiya (elder brother) were blessed with a baby boy, although I prayed for a baby girl.My parents were really ecstatic and feel they are over the moon.But for them the lifes come a full circle I gueses. It’s been more than seven months since I could first have held him, first time after seven months since his drew breath, he was born in U.K. so two generations of being to the U.K. third one was born there so we have been there and done that. : P.

I am particularly fond of him coz he doesn’t mind coming to me, not many children otherwise queue to come into my arms. He is often playing in my arms and often greetings me with a toothless smiles and a rollicking laughter and often makes faces and hardly cries except when he really hungry or sleepy.

He is very techno savvy and his favourite past time is playing the piano on my brother’s lap top. He watches television very seriously and is there is something to laugh on make he makes sure his laugh is the loudest.


Keshi said...

aww Tarun how sweet is this bubz! ty s much...a refreshing n heart-warming post too :)

ur lucky to hv this lil doll in ur life...give that techo guy a big hug from Keshi. HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!

I saw a different side to ya thru this post Tarun, which is GREAT btw :)


Practical Preacher said...

Congrats dude.. I had no idea that u guys were blessed ... :-)

Am also glad the lil fellow doesnt have ur looks.. ;-)

Tarun said...

@ Keshi: :D, Yes me too feels lucky to have him.The cute little techie does love people around him.

@ Pratical Preacher: Hi Dude whats happening?
He was born in October end 2007. I had blogged about it. :P

Keshi said...

I wish I cud hold him.


Cuckoo said...

Such a cute guy !! uh oh not you of course !! ;)
I was talking about the one in these pictures.

BTW, your posts on IPL are being missed.

Tarun said...

@ Keshi: I have already given my Nephew your hugs .... :D
He is always laughing and wants those set of drums forever to play.

@ Cuckoo: Ahha!! well ... I havent got much to say. :P
IPL post ... its too fast to write one. :(

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

hhahaa! am so glad u left me a mesg to check the cutie out!

look at the way he's playin those drums! with all his concentration!!! lol
whts his name btw?

kids are soo cute and this makes me miss my nephew now :(

AaYuShI said...


this is all I have to say :D

chooooooooo cute! :)

Tarun said...

@ Loony: Hi Loony. Well His name is Aaryan. :)
He loves the drums ... will try to place his video soon . :)

@ Aayushi: :) yes the kid is damn cool .. and sweet too. :D

Keshi said...