Cricket: Almost ten years back.

I try to relate to things I sense with things that have happened before.My friends often talk about it whenever the debate of Tendulkar the match winner or run getter crops up. I stand for the later,(a run getter) people refer to this inning when He was all over the Aussies and scored centuries on will. I am talking about the days when he score centuries in back to back ODIs , you can read it or see it on You tube.

The times have changed and both men Tendulkar and Warne who fought the duel went on to claim more feats and turned themselves to acknowledged phenomenons to greats of the game. Mumbai Indians are looking for some Tendulkar magic if they are to make to hte Semis of the IPL. This match gives me a sense of deja vu ocz of the scenario and backdrop of both these matchse, the one which is history and one which would be under way soon.

As for Aaryan (my Nephew) will be cheering for eitherof the team. Aaryan if suffering for cough and a touch of fever. He is much livelier today then he was on saturday night.More of him too later.


Cuckoo said...

Right now Mumbai Indians right on top.

Tarun said...

@ Cuckoo: We lost :'(