Cricket: Not quiet a match

Rajasthan Royals led by Shane Warne have a touch of "Aussie-ness" in them. They don't seem to ever relieve the pressure and they do their home work really well. This ensure the match went the royals way as they cruised to 105 runs win. Delhi lost their way very early in the match. Sehwag couldn't fire with the bat and then the Royals commanded and steer the ship and storm in the IPL's Final.

Asondkar stand tall.

He is a short guy. When he stands against Smith, after clipping a boundary its a David-Goliath kind of thing. But his short height pressents him an advatage. He can play the drive up in the air when the taller bloke, say someone like Smith would be happy to defend. Then comes a second advantage, the fast bowler after getting tonked would attempt a bouncer. The bouncer to a any other batsman would be shoulder high but that to Asondkar would be above the head. This makes sure that he plays a high percentage game. This also helps more recognized Smith to play himself in the game and when the time come he can swiftly change gears.

The right mix.

Royals is a well balanced team. A recognized opener Smith, a work horse Kaif, two in-form all rounder, Watson and Pathan. Warne and Tanvir are genuine wicket taking bowlers. Tanvir with his awkward action and immculate line and amazing control. Warne well, Sheikh of Tweak. couple of good keepers as well, Kamran Akmal especially enjoys India conditions and Indian bowlers. Watson is the genuine all rounder meanwhile Pathan is a filler but his batting is really good. He is well built and clears boundary with ease.

Warne spinning magic.

Warne struggled in India when it came to taking test wickets. We played him all too easy. The Indians batsmen batted against the turning and bouncing Warne's deliveries rather while the English/Safs/Others played suave and imposing Shane Warne instead of the turning ball. But he has got it right for the Royals. Just imagine a rookie from under 19 spending a day with Shane Warne discussing spin bowling. It is a dream come true said Sunil Gavaskar.It is indeed dreamcoe true.
I hope he returns again to IPL next year too. Shane Warne turning the 8 ouncer, it is a very pretty sight.

Next on line is

A match between the would have been ODI Captain Yuvraj and Maverick Dhoni. Let the best team win.


Keshi said...

u 'royal' match maniac :)


Tarun said...

@ Keshi: Maniac is a small word. :P

Keshi said...

haha! in ur case, yes. :)