About: Monsoon collection.

A lot of water has flown under the bridge and lot more over it.

IPL is done,Old man Warne has won,
Pakistan looked distraught,
Dhoni is right on top.

I got was gifted a Calvin Klein perfume by my Bhabhi for my b'day so that was cool. The great sense of lethargy and not wanting to blog the boredom of not wanting to blog is very encompassing. Imagine my dismay that I dont wish to blog about a review of India Pakistan match, IPL final, which was one of the most intriguing matches. Warne ended on top, but me being a huge Dhoni fan, he did really really well publicly acknowledging that the team lost not beacuse of only fielding. England keep winning against New Zealand.

Now the collection.

I was sitting in front of the telly, sipping my ale, cold coffee, in a tall jar,I was told, that I had a ordinary ensemble of clothes. I do agree with it, but then I had just got a black and a khaki coloured trousers.I just recalling what I imagined and the rains after that I though, buying three fourths or cutting my old black jeans by one fourths. I want to buy a stripe cotton shirt. I am searching for that,mean while a red colour shirt/kurta remains ever elusive.I Titan watch is also on a will buy list, so is the new 3G iPhone. :D
A v-neck full selves white coloured t- shirt is also their in my mind, but something definitely not there is grey trousers with brown shoes.I already have floaters so one thing that doesn't list in must-haves for the monsoons.

Rain,floods,muck and BMC.

In India monsoon is analogous for rains b'coz it rains only for a few months in an year. The only issue is that its only rains that seems to be the only thing happening during those two and half to three months.Every Mumbai citizen have given up hope that it will rain and streets will not get bloody flooded. Especially the approach roads to any/all local railway stations seem to start getting flooded as soon as dark murky clouds begin to gather.

Check this out.

A long time back I did "In & Out" before summers started check out the in and out for the Monsoons


Saturday Night Binges
Sunday Morning late wake ups
Shower Cap
Three fourths
Stern swirling Winds
Afternoon Gloom
Casual T-Shirts


Saturday Afternoon Lunch
Late Monday Mornings
Morning Coffee
Blistering Summers
Enchanting Sunsets


Keshi said...

Nice to see a 'personal' post Tarun :)

I think most guys look good in KHAKI pants. Something HOT abt it hehe. And White T for sure.

I love that last verse..u wrote it? so random, original and very real.


Tarun said...

@ Keshi:Aaha ... well shopping only happens when I am caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.
I had a nice time posting this personal post. :D
Yes the last verse(s) were very much figment my own thoughts.I thought of placing it more neatly but then being computer programming illiterate was a slight problem

Keshi said...

ur not an illiterate..dun say that!



Tarun said...

I am one at computer languages!

Nagu said...

hey nice post tarun.....really liked the way u expressed ur thoughts here..........Ipl was fun....the most dserving team won.....donhi's team was more inconsistent lot........

Tarun said...

@ Nagu: Yes surely the best team won.CSK were hit by their star players going for International duties.
How have u been?
Thanks for coming by.