Cricket: Sehwag deflates Pakistan

There are many matches in cricket which often proved to be one sided. India-Pakistan matches wouldn't be one of those. This India vs Pakistan match slated to be a good one.It proved to be all too good and dwindle down soon as Raina and Sehwag made 300 run chase look ridiculously boring.That what no one ever imagine, India-Pakistan matches being boring.

Oh no not again.

Shoaib Mallik and Salaman Butt started cautiously hardly scoring anything in first dozen overs.Their strategy of conserving wickets on a dead pan wicket paid huge dividends. Pakistani players are accustomed to tearing apart any form of bowling at the death, mean while their bowlers can keep it cool with some degree of control they excercise.Anyways Shoaib Mallik will get a respite for a centruy he hit that too against India. At least for now his head would be off the Guillitone. Misbha looked terrible in IPl is hitting into form perhaps a big score against India is on its way. Younis Khan again a very good bastman piled on the agony for India and followed a century in Dhaka in the finals with a half century in Karachi for a losing cause. I am sure Pakistan would have thought they have a fair chance after thy got Gambhir cheaply. But Rains and Sehwag had other plans.Indian bowler were thrashed. All right the pitch was flat but then containment has to be thought of if taking wickets is not happening. It wasnt to be, dimunitive Piyush Chawla wasnt spared too, unalbe to take wickets and pounded byt the batsmen, the stage was set for the on slaught. One can blame the pitch but common sense should have prevailed instead of giving two fours an over. Pakistan score a competitive 300, before the sorry unfold in not the manner which Pakistan would have imagined.

The madmonk Sehwag.

The original Mad monk, Rasputin would have pulled out all his hair if he were to see Sehwag bat. I seems all slam shut case when he bats and looks real edge of the seat stuff when it comes off. It did come off and Pakistan surrendered withought giving a fight. He clobered them all over the park and made Pakistani bowling look very ordinary. It looks bizzare the way he bats. He was only playing a risky cut short before he had a slump in his form and dumped from the team. But he looks a fitter in form cricketer as off now.In ODIs and Test the mad-monk Sehwag vitrually makes it him vs Pakistan affair provided he is plundering runs. He was out in wilderness a year back but that was then atleast for now he is scoring runs faster then before. He has scored a triple and doible century against Pakistan in Pakistan so that is a big boost. A century went a begging in Bangladesh but not to be so. I think this has just come at the right time for him. I think Pakistan have their back against their wall in their own backyard.
He creamed an effortless century tonking 5 towering sixes and in thr process made Ramiz Raja, former Paksitani Cricketers and present commentator officially his biggest fan and a brand ambassador.

Raina rains runs.

Raina is making most of this opportunity, Dhoni helped him by giving him the number he wants to bat.He score 84 and there was a brief period when he outscored Sehwag in runs and strike rate. If you are in Pakistan, playing against Pakistan and outscoring Sehwag for runs and dtrike rate then you are in a peak form. Will the consitent factor bug Rains ony time will tell but he has done very well do hold his fort in Sehwag presences. This may have taken the pressure off Sehwag and helped him not only making runs but also scoring a very crucial century.

There is a problem of plent for selection commitee so much so once Pakistan toured was considered to be the toughfest tours, now doesnt even features the big troika of Sachin-Dravid-Ganguly. Their are bowlers, allrounders namely Pathan brothers, spinners and off course the batsmen it would be good to see how Kirsten and Dhoni rotate the players.
I think Dhoni juggles what he says to media and messages he relays to his players. He hit a six and finished off the innings in style. I think he holds the record for finishing the innings with the six. He was placid in reactions as if he socring 300 with 8 overs to spare was a walk in the park, never mind the team was Paksitan.


Cuckoo said...

I watched the match. Was glad that Indian batting came second. I heard Indians lost some catches and so Pak cold amass 300.
The way Indian players play these days, as Dhoni says rightly it releases the pressure off captain's shoulders.

It is a good sign that the older trio is not needed now. SOmetime or the other, the young ones have to come out of their shadow.

"I think he holds the record for finishing the innings with the six." Yes, I was also thinking the same.

Pinks said...

Yeah i have been blogging for quite some time now. m glad u remember me. I watched the match too. was awesome to sehwag in full form.


Pinks said...

was awesome to c sehwag in full form..typo error

Tarun said...

@ Cuckoo:I think 300 plus was always on cards never mind the catches being dropped.

@ Pinks: Great.U know Sehwags always seems to be great when hes in form. :D

La vida Loca said...

Sports fan huh? :)

nagu said...

yeah it was one of rare one side matches between Ind pak.....happy to see raina scoring runs again...he started very well with his career but lost his way later.....hope he consolidates his position in side now.........i would like to see yusuf up the order also......

Keshi said...



Tarun said...

@ La Vida:More of a cricket fanatic/maniac. :)

@ Nagu: Problems a plenty for Captain & Co.I think Pathan will get a chance,sooner rather than later.

@ Keshi: *knock knock*

Keshi said...

haha! u n ur cricket :)