Blog: Blog abandoned due to rain

An island city of Mumbai is now a cluster of many islands.Its been pouring non stop since last evening. It was raining real heavy in the morning. The Kandivili station was marooned, auto were hesitant and boats were expected to be there. The noise of thunders beats the hallow out the administrative authorities dumb founded promises. I mean this is perhaps just the second heavy rains following this raining weekend.
All promises stuck in the gutter and the city floods. A weekend of rain and everything turned upside down.There seems to be no plan so expecting a contingency plan is not in reckoning. The floods are eminent the question isn't how but when. What I saw were some of the streets were flooded.only solace was perhaps to get a jam free roads and a seat in the train to Churchgate and in the bus from station to Office. The office are closed (read low attendance) and I think I too will be bugging out soon. It may take a hell of a time to come back home. I hope I dont have to see my worst fears as I dont know to swim.

The second edit. 3 July 2008.

Since the morning rains were happy, a few smart people took some time off and extend their weekends. Yours truly made his way,grumbling to office. Anyways there was a suprise in store as trains were empty* so were the buses.There were not may in office so had an extended lunch break and treated myself to a delighting chicken fried rice and soup. It started to rain in the evening again and memories of early morning came to cloud my excitement again, chucking bus for taxi I went to station, caught an empty* train.It took a shade under an hour to be at home station,got a phone call mid-way and a friend got promoted so the party was on offer.I had a lovely dinner again.Then I went to a heavy lumber sleep.

*A train is empty if you get to have a seat.


Nidhi said...

Hi Tarun,

Thanx for ur comment on my Blog & i'd certainly increase its font! Well, I still would say that Happiness is not a consequence. Its an attitude, a habit. In fact sadness is nothing but a lack of Happiness... so why create that void in the first place!

Tarun said...

@ Nidhi:I think u are mixing positive attitude to happiness.
Happiness comes with achievement and securing goals

Keshi said...


I read abt it in the news. TC!


Tarun said...

@ Keshi:Talk of taking care I have started to carry an SOS kit and an old tyre tube with me.

Solitaire said...

All's well as long as you don't have to swim, right?

Tarun said...

@ Solitaire: LOL, yeah ... I like water but damn afraid to swim in it.