About:Apple pie is growing.

I love apple. I have loved it since I was kid. I loved the fruit, I love the squash, I loved the computer, I loved the music player. The last apple thing I was in love was the Apple iPhone. Its amazing to see Apple's growth. Not Apple Computers, they rechristened themselves from Apple Computers to Apple Inc. Now Apple is not only getting customers, its slowly evolving into a cult status. Thats word "slowly" has its on connotations. It could be a very slow evolution, (not that evolution is something that happens in a wink) or something which changes your world (or your imagination) with the snap of your fingers or as soon as it touches you. It grows on you faster than you crave for it.

It is a saga.

It is a saga of perhaps something which evolves slowly for you not to notice it and all of a sudden after the period of time things happen so soon and you have to pinch yourself and shout out the word True with all the force that's there in you. Apple always made a niche market for itself. It something like alcohol and wine.Its like gems and diamonds. Its about the pride and pristine. Its simply about the mass and a class. It about quality and a cut above.

The words to catch in the title are "Apple" and "Pie". There has been lot that's said about "Pie" since the world is flat came out. If you read it once you will like it, it explore technology and business like nothing ever did. It will give you infighting of how business and technology are influencing each other. How they are breaking ground and expanding the horizon for each other. So the Pie is something you would actually want to share, it is indicative of a market scenario where you cut the pie and competitors choose what share you deserve. I think Apple has given a new dimension to this whole affair

There would be many others blogs, articles write ups that you may have read on Apple, iPod, iPhone, Steve Jobs and cult statuses. This has nothing to do with it. I am not writing a review of iPhone latest version or some next thing from Apple. I would love to do it but that's on hold as far as this post is concerned. It is amazing the stuff that lies on their assemblies and what they imagine would be next. There wares are so good, that people think what next even before the come to terms with what they have in hand.

It is a risky saga.

I mean lets face it. Steve Jobs is Apple and Apple is Steve Jobs. The guy is a geek, perhaps a bit to much. I bit finicky, "sanki" is colloquial word. It just means somebody weird in a sense of repulsion. Steve Jobs and Apple have had their share of drama. They have seen up and down together. Its weird imagining a person who established a company being banished from his own company. The setting up something he loved doing. I think Steve Jobs is an institution when it comes to designing interface. He is a brilliant calligraphists and is instrumental in how we see computers today and may be other electronic interfaces tomorrow. They tried they may have failed some time back but now there is no stopping them or ignoring them. The competitors should roll up there sleeves and pull up their stocks.

Sony a pioneer with sound engineering and sound system had carpet pulled under their feet . It is such a shocker they they are still under pressure to come up to match iPod but for now one can sti back and enjoy their iPod coz it is hell lot of a fun. My father isn't much to much into gadgets, perhaps beings from their age bracket arent all that inclined by he too resonated the wow factor when he heard some old song H songs on it. It beamingly remember that late night, he told be to brim p my iPod with his favorite numbers and he and ma heard it for quiet some time and no 12 o'clock A.M. in my place is not late. He was damn impressed by the clarity of that sound. The wow factored was resonated again when he first saw the iPhone, after I explored it. He took it and kept ringing tone and click snaps on it. He enjoyed it more than I could. If he can yell wow for he is not exactly a tech freak you can imagine us a touch of treak freak licking their lips to hold this baby in hands.

What a wow.

U remember S. Well he had his iPhone all along and I enjoyed having it for some time, listen to songs, swapping albums, playing games, checking out contacts, turning it now and then. I mean its is something of a marvel. It is see it to believe it.
An iPod on Mumbai's local trains is now a regularity, iPhone isn't hard to find it. They get the iPhone here. unlock/hack it and have it buzzing all over the place. The present scenario for Apple and Apple computers look really really green as we shift from assembled computers to brand ones and from brand one to Apples one. There may be people saying about inter usability with other PCs. The people in Apple to have realized it.They are breaking their own garden walls, now we can add Windows to Apple laptops and PC, meanwhile killing two birds with one stone, Apple music player and encoder iTunes is very much Windows compatible which makes sure you don't have to have an Apple computer to run your iPod. This way it has maintained its exclusivity. The secret obiously remains the unix based software and how Steve Jobs vision is bought to life.

It is said that if you bear the pressure long enough you can turn the tide. If you are going through hell keep going, said Churchill once. Steve Jobs and Co have walked through hell as Apple looks to compete and win over customers both prom computing and music player/multimedia fund front.
The have turned the table in the sense that they have made the pie their own and look to cut the share of pie and distribute it among competitors.


Sach said...

Seems coming directly from some engg student :)
Apple is one good company..I adore the man behind..I first appreciated his intelligence when he said he was not much happy with JAVA :))
"Java is history"
"Java’s not worth building in. Nobody uses Java anymore. It’s this big heavyweight ball and chain."

*same pinch*

Btw..The title reminded me of my GD with Accenture...

La vida Loca said...

thats true- about Apple achieving cult atatus

Tarun said...

@ Sach:Umm, well ... done with my engg few years back,but I want to keep on dwelling in that student like atttitude after all one keeps learning for life.
As far as I m considered Java is an island.Oppsy for the PJ.But me nothing to do with IT/Techno, but I am an engineering tho.

@ La Vida Loca:Yes, and are we not loving it?

Keshi said...

I like Apple PCs..cute colors :)

JAVA is redundant now.

C# is the way to go! ;-)


Tarun said...

@ Keshi:Point taken.

Divkiran said...

Mw loves apple too...is thr really neone who dosnt???

Neway, me into oracle n DBMS big time so dun know wt to say bout Java n C# :)

Solitaire said...

What do you think of "An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away?"

Tarun said...

@ Divkiran: Well clueless about software, me belong to entirely different field.

@ Sol:Well,its about healthy eating.If thats done then meeting doctor wont be the necessary evil.

Sakshi said...

@ Tarun - Apple is not slowly evolving a cult status! Apple already has a cult status. Ask any geek or nerd. We stand by our apple products :)

Tarun said...

@ Sakshi: Well I know that, but suddenly Apple products are catching up in India too.The post was more about Apple catching the fascination of an Indian eye.

Keshi said...

u misunderstood my current post.


Tarun said...

@ Keshi: I read it again,twice,still did not get it :(

Ria said...

he he!liked the way u kept goin back and forth between Apple 'the fruit' and Apple 'the company'. I think Apple is a cult in itself. Love their ipods nano, shuffle anything! And the new iphone i hav heard is nice. :)

Tarun said...

@ Ria: Well its the best thing happened to mobile phones, believe me its a cut above nice. :)

Keshi said...


btw its another beer n fried rice wknd? :)