About: Flooded Streets

Its flooded in my ex-urb guess what it is 26 of July today. The floods in my locality mark the anniversary when couple of feet of rain barged for couple of hours and city came to a grinding halt for couple of days.
I guess its perfect to sit back at home sip coffee and blog.
Snaps taken when I started for office in the morning struggled with floods till insanity prevailed and I headed back home testing how deep the waters were and trudging along in knee deep water for a while only to rush back home and served hot bhajiyas and salted chillies.
Oh! yes there is a cricket match also going on,review of this first test and second test between England and SAfs soons


Cuckoo said...

Yes, today is the anniversary of that day. Rains sometimes play havoc.


Keshi said...

o not again Tarun :( TC man!


Tarun said...

@ Cuckoo: Yeah incessant rains.

@ Keshi: I wonder if there would be more such posts.