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Will they wont they? The political parties, Congress and Left are like couples who signed their divorce agreement and settled the alimony before deciding to get marry. The Congress to their success are ruling in a minority government and people mandate was vindictive. The political scenario is so appealing that parties like Trinamul Congress, Assam Gana Parishad are thinking what to do and what not, although they just have one and two seats respectively in the Lok Sabha.You know there are other political parties as well, like Samajwadi Party.By the way Left rules the state of Bengal and doing so for some time now and Congress sits in opposition.

Look who is smiling.

Left is hell bent on pulling the plug on their own life support machine. I dont think it will give them anything. The chance our they would lose the seat which they already have, Indians gets another general election to practice their voting rights. I can just pray that the mandate is a bit more concrete this time around coz the coalition politics is ruining the country I agree that they have not their ministers in the government by calling itself an "outside support" and twisting their the Governments arms at every turn, but marks to the Congress for dishing it out whenever and wherever they could. But Sonia Gandhi is smiling no doubt. The government falls a hoarse cry about enforcing election a bit of sympathy wave. If only they were a bit tough on security and terrorism their policies are similar to that of BJP/NDA or vice versa. I think she would be really pleased when the government falls. The Congress will play their card well and hopefully will do everything to get a "Coalition Free" first time in over two decades. It is a must going forward in this century. The problems are getting inter-twined. But Congress seem to have time their political foray just right and all most always find opposition clutching straws

BJPs predicament

The plight is the reforms process being stoped, has been a big jolt perhaps bigger then the N-Deal. A deal which BJP/NDA initiated and now finds itself in a position where they find it hard to oppose this deal and harder to support it. If elections are forced in they should find it hard to support it, guess opposition parties just know to oppose. There should be something to oppose. I think the BJP/NDA combine will continue to do well in states, regions, they have just won in Karnataka, may loose out on Madhya Pradesh. They swept Gujarat and Congress was dumb founded they had nothing against Modi whatever they could do Modi was one up for it.Plus like it or not the state of Gujarat is head and shoulders in every respect above the other state. The other "competitive" state Maharashtra is bearing the burden of a coalition politics again courtesy a fractured mandate. It would be interesting to see Maharashtra regress card minus district of Mumbai.It will be a tragic picture to look at.The district of Mumbai should be made a special economic zone, free of hackles of politics. The city in general is wise and patient enough to charter its own progress map. The elections for state assembly are nearing too.
Raj Thacekray may dent a few BJP-SS votes but the fantatistic politics of hate, fear and terror wont go far.

Singh is King.

Maluyam Singh, Amar Singh, Manmohan Singh, Rajnath Singh, pick a Singh to be the king.

The brunt of this showdown is borne by the public on streets and companies on Dalal Street as the market due to negative and nervous cues is hell bent on diving to every days yearly low.It has tanked by almost one third of its previous all time high, taking share price to less than their prices almost an year back.

Just to raise a toast.

I have completed three years into blogging. Its obvious that I never imagined I would, but I always want to keep ranting through my cricket blogs. I must say to this all, although this may be a feed to cricket updates to very limited few, it is not only about cricket. I may have refrained from posting many of the blogs, and deleted them half way though writing them just not to make this place vitriolic. I refrain from saying or doing anything which makes people refrain at me.
I love the idea of being able to communicate it gives we a great joy. I think it balances my right and duty of a netizen and in a very minute part as a citizen of a thriving Democracy. The Blogs give me a reason to blog as well. I love changing my blog templates I crave for more templates, I hope Blogger and Googles reading these line. I think I will continue to blog for as long as I can.

Long Live Blogging.


Keshi said...

Happy 3rd Tarun! :)


Lavanya said...

Great going abt the blogging! 3 yrs is fabulous:-)

Tarun said...

@ Keshi: *Raises a toast*
@ Lavanya: Yeah, I suppose the funs just started