Cricket: An English Summer.

An English summer to remember perhaps although people have began the countdown for next summer Ashes tour but time is far off. The English team would believe they will have a fair crack at the Ashes provided they do well in the build up to the Ashes. Its no cake walk, the English will find them in deeper water when they face South Africans as the tour gets under way today. While England had an easy series against New Zealand and SAfs played there last series away from home in India. The Indians went from bizarre to ridiculous, Sehwag soaking a fastest triple, then getting out for 86 and then Kumble sitting out and Dhoni leading the team to a ten wicket out of the blue win.

The generous host?
Well hopefully will dish out what they get out a very impressive SAf bowling line up. Morkel, Ntini, Steyn, all of them gunning at good pace. It will be an interesting site how English play SAf spinner, Paul “Lord” Harris. Vaughan and Pietersen may take him apart but Harris will try to exploit the English tendency to collapse under any type of conditions against any attack.
The onus of English batting line up would be on Strauss, Vaughan and Pietersen and they will pray that the rest of tail wags. Yes Cook is there too, he too will be looking to add a few centuries against a very formidable SAf attack.
Vaughan is some class; he has a very appealing and attractive style of batting, perhaps a right handed Ganguly only a shade better, at par with Clarke, Dravid, Laxman. He is a very touch player seem to just time the shots. A few more touch players right handed batsmen come to mind are Jaywardene, Mohd Yousuf, obviously Dravid Laxman, Kallis perhaps then there is Sarwan and Fulton from New Zealand. I think Damien Martyn was a lovely touch player too. A touch players brings so much grace to the game.

Coming back to Vaughan, I think he relishes fast and spin bowling alike plays well against the both and has scored well in Australia against Australia, perhaps precondition these to be marked as a good player. Pietersen is not far away though, but perhaps if he is able to play something which helps English rather than the SAfs we may see a few interesting duels.

The eager visitors.

SAfs have always been a good team to beat. They are competitive but a crafty spinner will help them boast of a better balanced attack. Smith may turn his arm over but Vaughan and company may not have sleepless night. Smith’s back to back double century in the last tour may do him good, Kallis will make runs every where and in all conditions, so will Boucher. Amla is a fighter something like Chanderpaul. AMla will stay put and build his innings. Ashwell Prince need to experiment more with his bat he is a good player. DeVilliers well he is a dasher and will score runs very very quickly. I hope Gibbs is not missed. Gibbs and Sehwag have lot in common more so after Sehwag’s hair line has receded to the back of his head. Gibbs can shred any attack to pieces he is an ace fielder but his tendency to be a naughty boy and doing unwanted things away from cricket field pisses me off. Wouldn’t he loved to tour
England and shred them to pieces. Boucher will again be dodgy, u can only count on him when the chips are down. SAfs have something to produce all rounder currently I can see three, Kallis, Boucher and Morkel. Kallis is bit on the downhill but still handy enough. Morkel will be looking to smack a few sixes out of the English grounds.

A close eye on

I will have my eyes riveted on the following
Steyn “Gun” vs the English batting team.
Monty vs SAfs,
Ntini vs Pietersen,
Smith vs Vaughan,
Harris vs Monty.

Also on the list.

I am trying to think what may happen and just praying it doesn’t rain.
The few of things which are likely to happen during the course of the Test series:
  • England losing their last eight wickets for 65 runs after being 200 for 2.
  • Boucher gardening the strike and making 100 runs with the last four wickets.
  • Boucher and Morkel tonking sixes.
  • Panesar spinning SAfs to a full monty.
  • Pietersen getting out by playing some stupendous stroke.
  • Ian Bell the most incomplete batsmen struggling against Harris.
  • Steyn cooking English bastmen for lunch.
  • A good Kallis hundered.
  • England losing by innings and 200 runs.
  • SAfs doing well till they choke in the last or second last test.


Keshi said...

U Cricket maniac! :)


Tarun said...

@ Keshi: SAfs 242 for one in the second innings, McKenzie 120* Smith 107

Keshi said...

gosh gimme a break Tarun lol!

ok mebbe I should play Cricket to shape my thighs? :)


Tarun said...

@ Keshi:Just bowl and field and tings will shape up nicely for you. ;)

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