About:Friend's Wedding

A friend S, back from US accompanied me to one of our friends wedding. I was there last year round to attend D's engagement. So I was glad I could attend the wedding as well.

A touch of flash back.

My mom packed clothes for me. I don't know what it is with me I have to unpack at least once before I pack up for good and leave for destination. This time I did carry my tooth brush along, just that I forgot to get the tooth paste along. Just before leaving the house, I searched for my train tickets, which I remember putting in my back pocket, it was their but proof of identity was missing, fortunately it was close at hand so wanting to reach the station before the train, I and S headed to Borivali where we alighted shifted to platform number four, saw Rajdhani come and go like 18:10 Virar fast. I thought next would be the train but then there was an announcement of regret. The train was come on platform number 6. I muttered a few things under the breath and then my bemused friend added fire to fuel by inquiring if the train already arrived on platform 6 is "our" train? We hurried on to the train manage to board it before it bade us good bye, called up my friend and told me I am going to present for his wedding.

Nothing during the train except hearing to all that my friend has to say a few more calls to some more friends.

Wedding Day.

The trains always run late in the wedding season. I have had very dragging experiences of trains being late when u go to attend weddings. God. Anyways someone came to pick us up. I inquired if it would be late, it took us hardly ten minutes to reach a place where we would stay for next couple of nights, we unpacked, freshen up and manage to be in kurtas and pajamas for the wedding. The hunted for a gift shop and a bouquet shop, and just manage to reach the wedding procession, before it ended, shake a leg for some time. before waiting for an hour and half to walk 25 m and climb 3 storeys. The grooms "shoes" were siphoned off even before girls from brides end could even have a look of it.I am not the lone culprit I just hid those with S. :) We had to draw a lot of flak and lot of swollen faces for those shoes.

Anyways we entered the hall after sometime and Mandap was all set. Johri paani pilla de yaar was my friends (the groom) request so I hood winked one of the "waiters" for couple of glass and couple of cold drinks for my self and a couple of glasses for the bride and the groom. There was something going on in the Mandap, so I straight away headed for something to eat, I hadn't had proper breakfast. I did not over compensate though. So had a few bites of whatever was served and meanwhile saving my camera and myself from smashing elbows I managed a few snaps but many of them to my dismay came out blurred/jarred. Anyways I kept clicking snaps.

The chaos in the Mandap mean while continued, with panditiji calling for things which were not there and people who were absent because they busy munching monaco biscuits with cheese topping and paneer tikkas at a far flung corner. Anyways people came in and went and I was busy catching up with a few of relatives I met last time and few of the groom friends. We settled down in a place where we could be served first and making sure the plate is half empty by the time it went to the front row. The shoes were safe and sound as my friend and I were free from any sort of suspicion and there were a few pangs that were exchanged in far corner of the hall. Anyways I kept clicking snaps and sipping cold drinks and munching whatever came my way.

Are you done with all the Lawful implications? Yes. The groom replied with a sense of joy and pride. I congratulate both him and her. The bride was surprised to see me. I was surprised at her surprise coz previous night I had called them telling them I will come. The groom introduced S to the bride, after couple of pleasantries compliments, I stepped out and he waiter was just standing by for me to grab a few more tasty bites.In a short span that I was waiting for bride and groom to take blessing from everyone I noticed that mandaap hall was practically empty. It was lunch time.We headed for lunch, I gave up on salad and took few paneer "items" and all the sweets including shrikhands, halwas,dhokla and all. I made sure I did not have to get up for next round. Lunch was dinner, but i helped myself with Ice creams and halwa.

It was "bidai" time. A few heart touching moments as the bride leaves her parents. A symbolic gesture of any Indian wedding. A few more cold drinks and we made it to the grooms place before they did. I don't know what took so long for them to reach. Anyways a few more mantras and pujas as the bride is bought home and headed to a Puja room. I and S sat down and settled for few glasses of chilled water. After sometime the bride when away to get ready, the groom went away to get ready and someone requested me and S to be back in half and hour. So I and S also left to get ready. A quick shower and change of clothes from traditional to a standard cotton trouser and a blue shirt we were back to the grooms house, who was getting ready, a coffee and a few calls more we waited for the groom to be back and chatted and pulling each others leg. My friend obviously really happy. A dream is coming true after all. Anyways few excited looking tired ladies getting it right with the whole ensemble rushed back to the reception.

The reception was again large gathering of people which seemed to grow large as the food was served. I settled for a pudding and few lighter things, not waiting to eat too much. A few jokes, repartee and snaps. Then the made their way to food stall and a few things as both families settled to have food together. By the time the food was finished only the immediate families remained including Me and S. We went home after tired and sleepy.
The next day was perhaps more frantic. A friend R returned my call. I just wanted to meet him. S had to catch the afternoon train home.The brides folks were headed back to their home. I accompanied groom to the hotel where the were staying, the bags were packed and ferried to the station. Thankfully we reached station on time so did the luggage. The train to their destination was on time too, the luggage was loaded and a few tearful good byes and laboured smiles, we bid them good bye and went back to grooms home. There were people catching sleep in 10 minutes shifts as people were mentally drained.The bride changed and after a while the leaving room was dusted and place made for people to have a seat. The Groom and bride enjoying the environs of the home settled down. The newly wedded bride was happy to attend her father calls. Anyways we sat/slept, chit chatting as people and good kept going in and out of the house. I meanwhile managed to catch a few winks. A few more cold drinks and then early evening I, the groom, the bride and grooms sis went for a drive to the port. We chatted on our way, a few more calls and few cheers of laughter.

The R called we met and had some local nashta, something that vaguely resembled garlic bread and a milk shake each. It was almost 8 in the evening and then the grooms family and me went for dinner. They dropped me at station, The groom and Bride stayed back with me till the train left. A few more funda and smiles I was on the train and chatted along with grooms relative, an old lady.I catch my sleep for most of my way and the train reached a bit late. I was finally home. My parents were really happy to see the snaps, mom especially made me zoom on the jewelery which the ladies happen to wear in the wedding.It is a gold jewelery exhibition at any wedding we attend here.

Jaane tu ...

Abbe mein jaanta hoon.

The movie perhaps got decent reviews coz 2050 was perhaps worst of the too. It is a decent movie thats it. One time watch if you dont know what to do on a Sunday evening. Its a Hindi movie and doesn't come under any fram of logic. A few actors did their part well, Ratna Pathak. Naseer, Paresh Rawal but then these guys are good and proven actors. A few laughters and thats it.
The movies left me with a few questions.

  • What were those guys studying?
  • Can you go to a New York University without your final result/degree in your hand?

The movie isn't all that "great" as it is made out to be. I guess its doing better than 2050.


Solitaire said...

The movie is not great? Really? I keep getting mixed reviews. Will see it one of these days.

Keshi said...

dunno abt Hindi movies these days..hvnt been watching any lately :(


Tarun said...

@ Sol: Its ok types.I mean nothing tha u would actually look forward to or take back with u

@ Keshi: These days not much to see in Hindi movies.I hope v have couple of good releases soon.

Keshi said...

yeah..alot of em suck at the moment.


Tarun said...

@ Keshi:Yeah,big time.

Solitaire said...

I saw it! I loved it!!! I saw it twice!

Tarun said...

@ Sol:Well I did not have reasons to see it twice.I dont think I prefer seeing movies in theater twice, I dont remember when was the last time I saw a movie twice in theater.
But I do keep seeing movies I love on TV.