Blog: Sorry state of affairs.

I felt sorry all of the weekend and then Monday followed, the reasons were various, yes India lost the test match, it has been raining virtually non stop and I don’t remember when I last saw the Sun perhaps it was early last week. The worst thing perhaps was the serial blasts in Bangalore and Ahemdabad. I must be thankful to God that Surat did not face an untoward incident.

I have a soft corner for all the three cities; have cousins and friends dwelling in Ahemdabad and Bangalore. I lived in Surat for three years still have very caring friends who call/mail almost every second day since I moved back to Mumbai and it is a lovely city for foodies. The city  of Surat has great sense of joy and casualty. It is laid back city with people flaunting money but not in a derogatory way. The climate is really pleasant for better part of the year. The evenings are great in the sense that there is a gentle breeze that flows after sunset and people line to back alleys for junk food. It would have been a rude shock to host of lovely people. The floods which I saw there was one of the worst natural disaster anyone would wish to see.

Terror and Globalization.

The crude terror is perhaps side effect or cons of globalization. The whole thing of terrorism balances the pros of Globalization. The pros are many so are the cons. I don’t want to list the pros of globalization as off now, I wish to highlight the cons.
The pros of globalization helped set up huge international business centres like, London, New York, Mumbai, Madrid. A lot of people will associate these cities with top business opportunities that these cities have to offer. The cons of globalization also find the reasons appealing but in a different sense to people who have lost it all (here senses). All the cities that I have mentioned have been through the trauma due to terrorist activities. Mumbai serial blasts, the earliest being March 93, the latest they say 11 July. Madrid and London have had there dark dates with the cons of globalizing forces.

Local taxes extra.

Another feature of this is localization of terrorism. The ISI or the unwanted, malicious International interests now seems to have gone local with their agenda. It may be business outsourcing of a different kind and appreciation of the local talent in a different way. The last thing to say is that the principle directives continues to pour in from beyond the Indian borders. The black money is assisting the activities, no more difficult to handle RDX seeming replaced by easier available Ammonium Nitrate which is nothing but a substance used as a base in making fertilizers, India being an agrarian country and fertilizers being subsidized; transportation and procurement of this is not something too difficult for these guys. I would like you to read columns by B Raman on Rediff. I did read what he had to write.

The three musketeers.

There is an obvious participation by Indian systems as well. The “system” meaning the “neta-babu-thulla” nexus. Neta is a politician/local criminal, Babu is an epitome of a corrupt bureaucrat in the government and thulla is a paan chewing, chillar hunting policeman. There is nothing that should be unknown to at least one of the pillars of the system. As the three have close watch on the neighbour hood there is a radical change required. The sooner the better.
I mean is it so easy to even plan and execute such acts? Has there to be a political consensus in how to deal with terrorism? I say before the terrorist attack the next time, start dismantling the terrorist infrastructure in Pakistani Kashmir bomb it, burn it hammer it to stone age. The perpetrators of attacks on Parliament should be nabbed sooner rather than later.

What if that too?

The attacks now include public transport and hospitals. I mean they people law cant maintain its own course anymore because terrorism both religious and regional is gaining ground fast. The tier two cities namely Bangalore, Ahemdabad Jaipur, Benares are now on the list, Mumbai is always there. The bombs hat didn’t went off in Surat and even in Ahemdabad and Bangalore for good or would have been a more sorry state of affairs.

What to do?

Go local with administration the lowest babu should be made responsible and accountable along with the other two pillars. The laws should be tougher. The emphasis should be on both restricting terrorist activities and making sure the person responsible doing these acts when caught should not be insulated by politics in the name or region or religion. The justice should be upheld in letter and spirit. It is time to take a tough stand. The Indians who support terrorist activities should face the heat.

If the survival of the fittest means weeding out the vitriolic, so be it.


Keshi said...

I read similar posts everywhere in blogville. Its so sad and we feel helpless and useless, when it comes to Terrorism.

To be honest, I dun think there's an solution to Terrorism.

**If the survival of the fittest means weeding out the vitriolic, so be it.

I dun agree. As long as this Earth has HUMANS, there'll always be SENSE and NON-SENSE too. Sadly!


Mansi Trivedi said...

:( :( :( :(
Its not just in India
In USA too jobs are going, economy declining, rising prices
its a gloomy yr everywhere :(

Invincible said...

Quite a thoughtful post.
Capitalism is always going to give rise to terrorists and corruption waters the growing shrub. But we hv seen communism doesn't work either.

If we can control corruption and tighten the strings on terrorists w/o interference of selfish politicians, may be yes.

Invincible said...

Thanks for stopping by !
these days i just scribble at will. Kind of 'back to where it started' :)

Thanks for keeping the link to my blog right up there !!

Tarun said...

@ Keshi:18 more bombs in Surat city which did not explode.There is a lot of resentment here.

@ Mansi: Thanks for coming by It was more about terrorism than jobs.Dont worry about the jobs.I say believe in yourself.

@ Invinci: Communisits produce terrorism of different kind, I am not for it. The Indian communists have still to condemn the blasts.
Well U know new bloggers, they allow u to add links and as soon as a blog link is update the link shift on the top. :)
Thank U 4 coming by as well

Invincible said...

oh i had no clue about this new gimmick !

Keshi said...

thats so sick! why cant this ppl just live and let live!


Tarun said...

@ Invinci:Oh there are cool things to try in new blogger,do check out blogger's blog, there are lot many things to try out.Let me say its like a dream come true.

@ Keshi:Its dog it eat dog thing.

Keshi said...

it is, and its so pathetic. it seems ppl r mangled in Hatred!


Tarun said...

@ Keshi: Yeah it is so sad.

Keshi said...

how r we today? :)