About: Today

I was signing on something today, as a habit I write the date below the sign, I realized today is 20 August 2008, just for fun it is 20-08-2008 or 20082008.
Just for fun. :p
I tried googling for some found this site. just converted Decimal 20 August 2008 to respective binary and hexadecimal number. The result are as follows.

Binary: 1001100100110110101011000
Hexadecimal: 1326D58

I have been wondering is Morse code can be used in form of binary numbers and then used for communication or some other application. Now thats food for thought.

Also just a while back realized today is the birthday of my childhood friend. I dont rememeber when I last met him, but its been long time. I want to give him a call tonite.

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