Blog: At ease, Sunday

There was lot of catching up to do. I was not in sync with me for better part of the week. Things seem to spiral downwards, first it was a running nose then it was sore throat and cough, then head aches before and after a slumber and then had fever for couple of nights. It was perhaps the weekday blues. I feel I have lot of catching up to do with my own self.

Blogging helps. :D

I hope things are for the better. I have promised myself a plate of hot samosas and kachoris for Sunday morning brunch. You see there is a shop that fishes out lovely samosa for a deep frying pan, very yummy. I think my parents would settle for khasta kachori, and khajur ki cutney. I generally prefer having samosas in the evening after the welcome siesta following a heavy lunch. Mom seems to more gear for Sunday brunch and then Sunday lunch. Both being weekly events, much looked forward too. Family having three meals a day together, much longed for. The lunch obviously taken a bit late, you see it takes time to cook up three course menu. If some yummy sweet dish is done that one can have his stomach full, thank the lord for it before that, and following a little prayer, a little lunch, siesta is then part of the natural sequence.
You see I associate food and sleep like on following the other, hand in glove kind a thing. For going to sleep the dinner is important, after getting up follows break fast, and then some lunch if you could afford a sleep after lunch then you are lucky, but one can follow their dreams after dinner though. I have had (more than a) fair share of nap in my life. I think anyone who eats to this heart content and sleeps, and wakes up without any worries is the richest person on Earth. You might have read this very thing some where else too, believe me I read it from the same place. :P
Anyways there is a cricket match tomorrow a well, so also there is a grand prix , so wont mind checking that out. Although I am a pissed off about the champions trophy about to all out, I think it is more than the security issue in Pakistan, its politics in the ICC between countries of Sub Continent, India Pakistan (and may be Sri Lanka n Bangladesh) and Other, (Australia, England and South Africa).
( I will try to explore this in my next cricket blog.)
I just want to say to this to SAfs and the others, Pakistan is as safe and a violent neighbourhood in Johannesburg. So come on in and get on with it.
Anyways couple of college friends were about to come and pay a visit but then it has been a while but those guys postponed it to the next weekend. Don’t have many plans for the evening though, if some one comes calling than it is a different issue. I got some chores as well, which have to be shifted from “Plan To Do” to actually “to do”.
Gokul Aashtmi, it rains after midnite. Some may say what the hell, it rains in this season all day round, particular, in this region of sub continent. It is just a belief. When I last saw out of my window, the rain was a pleasant full, like a soft fountain and the rain drops seem to sway in a cool breeze like leaves in fall, really pleasant to the senses.
More updates in next 48 hours.


Mandar said...

that sums the weekend !

I hope India wins the crucial game against SL

- invinci

Tarun said...

@ Invinci: My my India won, unexpected victory I may say.