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The idea of a semi Batch reunion family gathering and a weekend break culminated into a trip to Alibaug. The parties involved were I, DBT & KP, VJ & AGJ from Mumbai. KG, HD&PD and PR from Pune, SM had to back out last minute coz of personal reasons.

There were hectic, or should I say fanatic exchanges of e-mails and calls before the date was fixed and venues settled upon. It was something just short of Mergers and Acquisition. There was a big build up and no one knew what would come from the other corner. So the car was negotiated and the much contentious issue of who will stay where got settled. One wished for the best things to come by and enjoy life. We headed off early morning on Saturday, and started for Alibaug from Mumbai.

Lonely roads are a misnomer and almost on the brink extinction. It is incredulous to hear someone talking of empty roads. But since it was early morning Saturday around 8 in the morning we started from Mumbai it was traffic free roads virtually all the way. We stopped for fuelling and then later for some minor repairs. Since we had couple of ladies so there were even things to munch on in the car while there was occasional repetion of Rock On songs on the radio till radio blurted out after Pen. Our friends from Pune joined us after Pen, we had already stopped there for repairs, and then after leaving Pen, and there were some really ordinary roads. But then the way cleared and then we chugged along for some 30 odd more kilometres. After playing hide and seek for a while we called up the owner where we stayed and then we reached the place we desired.

We all changed and freshen up and hit the road again. The alluring roads saw us burning rubber while the car accelerated towards one beach to another. We stopped at a place called Murud. I and PR hit the beach while other guys hunted for a lunch table while PR HD and I run amok like kids howling and jumping and pulling and shoving at each other. I also took time to scurry out a few sea shells from the sandy beaches.

We headed for Jazeera beach popularly known as Janjira beach. It was a bit late, sun was setting. We took a quick detour. I managed to click a few snaps from my phone. I hardly took any snaps; most of them have been from my friend’s camera.

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Keshi said...

omg how beautiful a place! LOVE THE PICS Tarun!

Im glad ur hvn a good time sight-seeing these amazing places!


Cuckoo said...

Murud Janjira is one of my fav. places. Have been there 3 times already. Alibaugh 2 times. :)

Tarun said...

@ Keshi: Thanks BJ, will try to upload some more snaps and update the blog.

@ Cuckoo: Lucky You. I think it is welcome get away from Mumbai

Cess said...

Nice pics, u seemed to have a great time there with ur friends, good for u man!


Keshi said...

yeah do that plz...so nice to see pics in ur blog sans Cricket lol!


Tarun said...

@ Cess: Yes,it was a decent trip.V all think v should have been there for a longer time.

@ Keshi: "so nice to see pics in ur blog sans Cricket"
Hmmm ... Lots of cricket posts coming ur way BJ, Just wait for a week.
*smiles a Geeky Grin*

Ria said...

Yeah i hav been there twice and i love tht place. Especially the fort. :)