Blog: Vagueness of daily schedule.

I don’t know if blogging is an “in” thing or happening, I love blogging and blog as a whole. I know its feels great to look at your profile snap wondering what you were thinking when you clicked that own snap of yours. But blogging after a while is a great challenge, it is more than a physical things. It is a great challenge. A challenge to write what you want and do it a regularly is something stupendous. So a big salutes to churn out post after post without ever thinking as to why I am doing this.
To write something on an empty Word document and let words come together and like a lovely necklace or embroidery or a bouquet in vase or anything wonderful lovely and something you want to stand and admire even when sky has falling and the Earth has parted into a big gorge and all the Moseses are busy to take followers across the Red Sea. I hope that point is put across.

I wonder why people react the way they do. I think we must review where we are standing, I mean not the location in terms of latitude and longitude and current inclination of Earth vs. Sun. Everyone has set of goals and want to do things, so it worth it review a situation once in a while. May be you were doing everything right except that one thing. That missing thing could be a “review” of self. Let me add caviar that it’s to do with you switching off all things and people, thoughts, actions of importance and wire your thoughts and deeds with the actual you at that point in time. I believe since we behave and think different, I wonder if it is as good as like being entirely different person at different times.

I have to start getting to blog more and more. The reason is the more I don’t blog the harder it is to come back and post. I have been blog hopping so I am half already there. But I or some budding blogger will never ever blog just to prove s/he is alive. I am not dead, although I hope to “live” for I leave. I think sporadic blogging isn’t only proof of my indiscipline. Discipline is not only what is to be learnt but also practice. It is said practice makes a man perfect. I so truly believe in this axiom. I had boss once who use to say practice your supervisor/line manger/team leads action and you will be a natural successor. It wasn’t like sitting on a far flung tree and trying to ape what other did. It was about coming forward and giving it a try. The focus ought to be on trying and not succeed. One should let focus on what u do to waver for a moment.

Obviously these words are not mine, it’s been said by people all over the world and people who are in the upper hierarchy or a step up on the ladder. It is one of the toughest thing to do is to come out of a straight jacket that we ourselves put on. The gut wrenches and the grey matter in top floor twist twirl to slip out of position only to find itself still strangled. There is no key to the straight jackets we have put on yourselves the only way is perhaps to get so thin that we slip out of it or our determination becomes so strong and mighty that we break it open.. There are so many things that have been said, written, told and done that we forget ourselves and even worst perhaps try to compare with ours. I don’t know if comparing two people or events will ever give us something. Yeah one may a few coincidences but that’s like getting only dirty clothes off, when you are done for the day.

My college friends and me have planned a little get away to Alibaug. Obviously the time taken for planning to go to Alibaug has been more than the time it will take to go to Alibaug and come from there. The only thing to be taken care of was the fact that the spouses of some of the married friends that were coming along. It wasn’t all guys a thing … so had to think and do a lot of tug of war, which by the way will likely to get settled within 10 days after we return from Alibaug. If it is girls it is different. We cant blur out in the way we use too, we cant talk of things we have too, we have to take care that other men don’t get offended (if spouses are around) plus the same things cant be happening. We cant simply play the fool.
I am looking forward to the trip even then; I need a break, long time friends meeting after a big gap. I hope to go for long walk on the beach albeit alone.  Counting the stars under a coconut tree. Beach side barbeque and off course chilled beer. I am planning to carry only my shorts, t-shirts, tooth brush and a mobile charger. I never like to carry big hand bags/strollers/suit cases. I like t travel light.

As off now the plan has still “conditions apply” labelled on it.


Solitaire said...

Enjoy yourself!

And make yourself blog if you enjoy it!!

Keshi said...

lovely! do put up some pics too, if u can :)

I blog cos I want to and I feel like...not for anyone else.

btw where is the joint post thing u were talking abt in my blog?


Tarun said...

@ Sol: Yeah I have to agree on this.Its just that I get so lazy at times that I dont feel like updating.

@ Keshi: Oh I would love to do a joint post.But dont have anything in my mind now.

Cess said...

Hope u will have a pleasant weekend with ur friends, even if there is some spouses :)
Take some pics of the coconut tree by night and the beach too, it could be a nice post to write about it :)



Keshi said...

noooooo Tarun lol! u left a comment in my blog yday saying that there was something in ur blog abt Joint posts???


Tarun said...

@ Cess: Yeah I would do that provided me Cameras dont deceive me.

@ Keshi: Oh well,I will keep u informed if an idea crops up.I think i jumped the gun.

Keshi said...

hehe its ok. tnxx Tarun :)


Nancy (aka Dalila) said...

Nice post, Tarun. I haven't been blogging much lately. It's complicated sometimes when there's no free time.
Your trip sounded great. Pictures look fun.
Greetings from Argentina.

Tarun said...

@ Keshi: Smiles.

@ Nancy: Hmmm ... Thanks Nancy ...