About: Bomb Blasts

"A society which gives up a little liberty to obtain a little security, doesn't deserves either, nor gets both."

- Benjamin Franklin.

I think our ethos, freedom and independence is at stake.

Am I the next victim?

Whens the next bomb blast?


Cuckoo said...

What is the solution then ? Suggest some.

Do you think anything can be done in such a populated country ?

BTW, Australian cricket team has said it'll review the safety situation in India before starting for their tour.

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Tarun said...

@ Cuckoo:Dont know!! its complex, i think the solution has to work on may levels.
We weeded out terrorism out of Punjab.So it can be done.
I think the tour should go on, personally the idea of 7 ODI and 4 Tests suck big time.

Not a new template,just made a few changes in the existing one.Snap is new though.

Keshi said...


we r 'always' vulnerable to some ppl's insecurities.


Tarun said...

@ Keshi: How r ya? This whole thing is damn frustrating

Solitaire said...

If people are actually feeling this way then we cannot blame foreigners for being afraid to step into India.