Blog: Wednesday the movie

This is not a film review of the movie released last to last week. The movie is good especially the timing of the release perhaps a sign of things that came (all finger pointing to New Delhi Bomb Blasts).

I think the movie "A Wednesday" is worth the watch for simple reason, the message this movie conveys.

I say it is must watch.

A dialogue from an old Hindi movie is buzzing in my head since I first heard of the news of the blast,
"लोहा गारम है मार दो हातोडा "

(Strike the iron when its hot )


Invincible said...

i will surely try this one

Keshi said...

Is that an English or Hindi movie?


Tarun said...

@ Invinci: Good movie that, do check it out.

@ Keshi: Its an old Hindi movie Sholay one of the biggest Hindi movie ever

Keshi said...

** "A Wednesday"

is Sholay? I've seen Sholay when I was a kid :)


Tarun said...

@ Keshi: Yes, Sholay is a must watch Hindi Movie.

Lavanya said...

I love Naz'dn Shah! Need to watch it just for him! Will do:-0

Tarun said...

@ Lavanya: Yes it is a very good movie with a strong message.