Cricket: Aussies tour India.

Aussies tour to India is all ready under way. The test series gets uner in Banglore starting this Thrusday The battle lines are already drawn. A major change of guard is under way on both sides. Aussies bowling look not so much in control as they are minus Wane-McGrath. This was the case in the last series as well, but since there are always some major umpiring blunders I personally saw it coming. India did well in the series though. Aussies bowling may look weak and one would automatically give the edge to India, as India spinners against Australia have very impressive record. Kumble and Bhajji both have very good records against Aussies.

The teams and players.

I see this series as a windfall series, some old guards have already hung their boots, while India look to bring down their average age from 35 to say 30. Kumble, Dravid, Tendulkar already looking weary. I agree with Geoffrey Boycotts remark, but I am hopeful that Lankan series of a thing of the past. Ganguly meanwhile has called it quits after Aussie series. I wonder with few runs behind his back would his bat talk.
Matthew Hayden look definitely over the hill, he is a class act a complete batsmen. A reason for his success is when spinners start to operate in the sub-continent he already has his eyes set in and some runs on the score board. It helps the current batch of India Great middle order will tell. All, Dravid, Tendulkar, Laxman, Ganguly, hadn’t had a great score behind them, all four had a very mediocre IPL. Murali and Mendis just never let them settled. These four exemplify why batsmen from other corners of the world struggle against the spinners in India.

Zak first in command

Zaheer has his hat in the ring. He is known for getting among the openers. I wonder though if he could improve upon just being the opening bowler. He looked a bit bemused if he is asked to bowl between overs 40-60 of a test match. He is very prudent at least in the opening spell. India will look to him for decent start is they have to win the Border-Gavaskar trophy. Ishant did well down under and may be he has his hand up when people look forward to bowling to take on Ponting. Ishant and Bhajji both would be egging on each other to take on Ponting. I would love to see Ponting facing Bhajji on one end and Ishant on the other.

Kumble comes, bowls, strikes.

Not quiet considered in the fab four but all four of the fabulous have time and again vouched for the fact that Kumble is a match winner in his own right. He may have won more matches then either of the Fab Four. I am speculating that this could be his last series. Everyone wishes to bow out on a high and current series win (f they win) would be some high. Kumble is lethal in third and fourth innings of a test. He has turned around many games for India. The spell that’s currently is coming to my mind is the first test of the last series. He and Zak plucked out Aussies on the ‘Gabba. It was an ill fated series but then Kumble knows what it takes. He along with Bhajji would already loom large on them. The Aussies have a few more ghosts to confront, Laxman, Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid. I am not sure how Ganguly may fare but don’t see him on current form as a batsman leading the charge against the Aussies. Did I miss Sehwag?

Mad monk Sehwag and Fab four.

Sehwag has into his won. I would mark him for next test captain. He has it in him, would he deliver is the thing to be seen. I would love to see him in the helm of affairs for two year and then take it from there after two years you could always give it to Dhoni, but it is worth the gamble. Sehwag has hit a century (150) and double century and a triple century so he knows what he has to do and not thinking too much apart from scoring runs. E bats well along with Rahuld Dravid. Tendulkar and Laxman “shall always” score runs. It would be interesting to see how Ganguly and Dhoni take the measure of Aussie Spinners.
A couple of line is serious laziness for Dravid, Tendulkar, Laxman and Ganguly. I think I have a lot to write about and perhaps this series will in some way present the opportunities to blog on them.

Aussies have their tusks cuts out.

Aussie without a decent spinner look a decent cake walk but I wish not o under estimates them. They may go in with four fast bowler and Micheal Clarke. Clarke has an amazing record against India. He is likely to bowl a few everyday. Aussie batting isn’t looking to eager either. Like Sehwag is for India Hayden is for the Aussies. I thin run scoring capabilities would rest on Hayden, Jacques, Clarke Hussey and Ponting. I think Ponting should look to bat three down rather than one down. I feel it is a better position for him. While the bowling seems to lacking resources but Lee is looking very good to perform. India should offer him low and docile pitches and make sure those aren’t conducive to reverse swing or Indian would be in trouble like they were when England came a few seasons back. Stuart Clark would also want to have a look in while Mitchell Johnson would be the work horse. I wonder if Bracken is there for the tour. I haven’t much to write on Aussie Spinners except that Indian batsmen would have already bought Diwali sweets for them.

I hope Tendulkar hits a century if India bats first in the first test. A couple of edits for this small post. Aussie perspective and a post on Ganguly which may be on the day he actually calls it the day


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