Cricket: Prime Crises and a drawn Test.

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You what, people like to follow different trends … I follow them too. I see everything around and try to connect all the dos and see what kind of pictures emerge. For once just imagine what Happens when markets rocket skywards, i.e. the BSE gained more than 7% today, it was an 800 point rally, there is more to come tomorrow. Indians and Aussies battled for a draw. A reminiscent of the last test series between India and Australia in Australia, the match at Adelaide earlier this in January which also ended in a tame draw. No team looked to force the issue to victory. Here were subtle hints to these facts when Aussies could get even near 300 on the first day and then India not only avoided the follow on but looked to marginalize the Aussies lead. I wonder if couple of Indian tail enders make couple of fifties then the match may end up in a draw. The following is purely a cricketing post.

Prime Crises.

We all know by know exactly what is sub prime crises? But India cricket is undergoing Prime Crises. Dravid, Tendulkar, Laxman Ganguly and Kumble not firing at all or not firing enough. The wizardry is no where to be seen. There was a time when Tendulkar would score others would bet and late in the third day or by fourth day lunch the writing was pretty much on the wall, and the language was Hindi. Well it is not to be perhaps. While the sub primes are doing well, Sehwag, Bhajji and Zaheer along with Ishant Sharma, who looks to do what Srinath, did for Kumble. He perhaps does a job few notches better. He not only ties one end up but also takes wicket. Alas Kumble isn’t in his Prime (obvious reference to the Prime Crises). Gambhir remains a cause of worry though; he bats but doesn’t score enough. He may be hard found all of a sudden when his good form deserts him. There are a few more openers in the fray namely Akash Chopra and Wassim Jaffer who by the way has a penchant for scoring big runs big time.

Mean while Dravid has shown some performances, is a tad better that way so is Laxman. Ganguly meanwhile is way past his best. It remains distant, like a myth really. Don’t come back to me saying he just hit a 239 against Pakistan. The ball scooted to ankle height when Sami was bowling, Yuvraj hit one too, put couldn’t even put bat to ball against second grade Aussie spinners in Australia and has been dropped ever since from the test side. I think Ganguly should have struck the deal long time back hung up his test boots and concentrated on ODI. There are two things, first he has been a fabulous ODI player and won more matches with his batting. He was perhaps the best finishers of the ODI game.

Laxman will come into his own for at least one more time, while Tendulkar will limp to break Lara’s record only to be taken over by Ponting in times to come. Dravid is slowly headed into the sunset until and unless he hits three centuries on a trot. He may bow out in this series but I hope to see him bow out in the very next away series. I want to see is magic on away tours for one last time. I don’t know what’s with Tendulkar it gets a bit embarrassing as he busy give more interviews explain his injuries, recovery exercises and probable date of resuming again. He played well though, he is a bit sombre about his fourth innings, but salvaged at least this one.

Kumble, well carrying on age on his shoulder proving to be a hot and heavy burden to carry. He is still to take a Pfeiffer this year; his last Pfeiffer was against Australia when he rocked them in the first test when India toured Australia late last year. I don’t know perhaps it is the advent of new fast bowling talents or Zaheer coming into his own or purely due to the burden of captaincy.
Dhoni is missing from this prime crisis. I think he has couple of season or yeas more before he truly blossoms as Test batsmen, but I think he should rethink his batting strategy in Tests. He is a better keeper to other keepers available on the scene purely in ‘keeping skills, proficiency and performance.

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