Blog: The Darkest hour

I firmly believe that its between 4 AM (night for many) and 5 AM is when the nights the coldest, darkest and most haunting. As I write this NSG still doing combing operations in at The Taj Mahal Hotel. As the Gate Way of India stands eyewitness to another wave of violence. I hope that they Gate Way of India also stands tall and mighty as ever and eventually becomes Hell Way for terrorist. These include not only the people who sprayed bullets but also people who trained them, showed them the way by telling them, how. It shall also stand witness to people who laid their lives and strengthen the roots of India.

While we may cry for the mute Gate Way of India and Crown Prince of Indian hotels, The Taj. The self appointed saviours of the city may not have looked in the mirrors,if they were too the mirror would have shattered to pieces from shame. These guys have still to come out and see what happens when you stack integrity of the Nation for a few seats in Parliament, so that it fuels business - of bemoaning for local citizen.
Raj Thackeray has chosen to be mum over this issue, seems to have taken leave of absence when not expected. The NSG guys are fighting terror in confines of Taj. The terror plot wouldn't be at a better time following the frenzy Raj Thackeray and the ruling government whipped and then bought the city to a halt.You too have added your two cents in the pyre of martyrs.

India continues to be the net importer of Terror and Violence while our neighbours are continuously building upon infrastructure and over hauling designing, plots, machinery and minds into new methods of warfare. I wont be surprised if terrorist have some connection with the Pakistani Army. I think the time is write to call Pakistan's bluff,advance in Jammu and Kashmir and weed out ISI and terror outfits. If it means intervention in the region then so be it. At least we will know and be prepared with who we are engaging to a battle.

The terror plots thus hatched also expose many blunders that we have in your system. I know Terrorist have no face but they do have arms and legs and mind. I think the worst are people who remain tacit and quiet when they need to come out and pledge support to the Nation. Such a meticulous operation has to involve people in our own country. The attack may have been planned for months now.In 1993 serial bomb blast case, there were lots of people in the government machinery that help carried out the blasts. This time it isnt too different either.

I hope the dawn breaks soon and the darkest hour dispels. One day, may be we  People will dream of a Nation for all and not of regions for few.


Cess said...


I hope u are all right... have been watchin the news, very sad what s happening in Mumbai;(
take care


Keshi said...

I was shocked beyond words. I lost faith in one day. Now Im not so sure if Peace will ever come, as negative as it may sound.

We cant make the whole world find their 'dawn' but atleast we ourselves can live in it.


My Word is My Sword said...

I really like your metaphorical style of writing..somewhat similar to my style. And I hope that the dawn breaks soon too. But I guess what people should realise is that it is not the absence of darkness that brings the dawn...its the presence of light that wipes out the darkness..


Tarun said...

@ Cess:Well all said and done here.How is ur vacation going on?

@ Keshi: How r u BJ? No more frequent blogs, what are u upto?

@ Unni: :)Well said Unni ... thanks.