Blog: Maximum terrorised city

It is something I wish not to write, but India is firmly in hands goons,stupids, opportunists.They have gift wrapped opportunity to terrorist to rape its peace and prosperity damage property and lives.
Like begets like even terrorist are terrified of their own lives.It has to be and Iron hand in a velvet glove,it can't be other way round.

Shivraj Patil if you, Sir still have a conscience thats alive then pick up that pen and resign from your post, prove it that Pen is mightier than Sword.

It is a long night of disgust and unease.
Suketu Mehta wrote the Maximum city, I write a blog on Maximum Terrorized City.I hope things turned to normalcy with a click of a button but I guess the night is really, really long and tragic.

Perhaps blasts in Assam were just a precursor of events to follow.

Unfortunately the series of events started unfolding on A Wednesday.
For more check any of the news website.

I guess terror would soon replace sex as the most searched word on Google.


Keshi said...

heard abt the blasts in Mumbai. r u and ur family ok?


Tarun said...

@ Keshi: hey BJ.Shaken but not stirred.I and my family are safe,but I sense that ordeal just started.

Cuckoo said...

Yes, it was a well planned attack. I dont know ultimately where are we heading to.

"terror would soon replace sex as the most searched word on Google." Well said Tarun.

Harmony said...

Have they declared their identity ?
Who are the terrorists and what are they after ?