Blog: Sequence of consequences.

We value things disparagingly. You know we all have this Big Goals, we like to talk about, to everyone and yet often we lose sleep over a few frugal thing we should have done some where during the day but then as we look at things disparagingly, times just fly and we out weigh many little things by a single large thing.

There is a problem or there is a solution. A life is consequence of problem which may be of similar nature but you can’t just put up your hand and offer similar solutions. You can’t and must not. Often there are situation where we have to take the blame or stand in the “I am guilty” box and people judge you what you should have done, but then it is all in retrospect. Who know what other may have done at that very point. If I go on and say how judgmental people can be then it would be a judgment on those very people. To be honest, everyone has whims and often seduce/hypnotise themselves and just doesn’t want to let their whims go even for a change. I wonder can I ever drain the act of judging people out of my system.

Then there are negatively charged or enlighten God sends. They are negative no matter what. You meet them at sunrise and they cringe, bloody daylight and when sun sets they cry bloody night. Some of them standing in a room half full of pessimist. Then there are some who will see the glass half full but depending upon there moods remark that glass ought to be full or empty. They basically live in the world what ought to have been rather than what it is. I came across a friend of mean since we too have a small amount invested we were discussing the present economic bloom. Some of them just pass on statements just to make sure they have said something it doesn’t matter to them that what they say doesn’t necessarily what they believe in.

Yeah I have put on the judges cloak but dagger is missing though. I believe people deserve to rot to the peaceful end. The punishment for some people is allowing them to live.

Monday night I went for Dostana, man was I not happy to be back home and the last scene “The End” was my favourite. How boring? I think everyone goes to watch a movie for some fancy or anticipation. I thought this one would throw some comic punches but what I got was hammer of naive jokes. Like they do in marketing, the market the product on qualities which ones own product may not have but it is not there in the competitive product as well. Sex has been integral to show biz but then we are so short of ideas that we are busy re-packaging sex. There was nothing comic and scenes seemed to be copy pasted from scores of old Hindi and English movies. Originality is a mistake in Bollywood. It is surviving people on make up artists and dress designers. Priyanka hams in all through the movie, Abhishekh is a nurse. I assume he was on a part time duty and John he plays a photographer sans the camera. Then there is the normal twist in which a Punjabi character is added to the confusion. The movie is a loaf jaggery coated in sugar syrupy dressed in icing sugar. One should have strong reasons to sit through the movie; provided John has semi-exposed bum isn’t what you crave for. It brings me to another point, why critics should not slam movie of big movie production houses. I have notice than a movie produced by big banners often get great reviews although; there is nothing substantial apart from the interval and rolling of the cast and crew at the end. I think Dasvidaniya should have been a better bet. I think I have missed Quantum of Solace as well.


Ria said...

Beautifully written friend!

Tarun said...

@ Ria: Thanks RIa ... :)