Cricket: Indians on song.

All is well that ends well. However, even before the series is over India have managed to flay England four games to none. I had imagined India always would be couple of games ahead of England, but they have cleaned up England and can look to test some other talent, while some cricketers will get to chill for a few days, I think Zak and Dhoni may take rest. I think before the new comers the onus is on Raina, Munaf and Pathan (Yusuf) to drive home the advantage.

Up up and away with MSD.

I think MSD would be great players of cards. He may not always pick his card well, but he has a great sense of conviction and he views his every card as an Ace. He may have inherited a lot of Ganguly and perhaps a lot from Ganguly. But I don’t think Dravid or Kumble were bad. They strengthen the team. Dravid being studious won us WI, Pakistan and may be England (all away Test series) Kumble always confessed to be a stopgap but he gave up when he couldn’t go ahead any longer. Dhoni meanwhile is not only a bundle of energy and the way to channel that energy. A team success and failure goes into captain’s account. He has won almost everything on international stage. His indifference in victory and defeat suggest someone who is always looking ahead. You may not every see Dhoni punching through covers but you will see a lot of him hammering down the crowd.
Moreover he acknowledges seniors contribution again suggesting implementing plans more important than making them. He has time and again acknowledged Sachin and Zaheer. He also packs Yuvraj, India's best limited over’s player on form.

Letting it go for the sake of the team.

Shouldn’t Tendulkar be batting at number four? I mean will he open in tests? How many T20 will he play? Gambhir-Sehwag (may be in that order) fit the bill for all forms of the game. I think these two should be encouraged. Sehwag, Gambhir, Yuvraj, Tendulkar, Dhoni, Raina, Pathan. Feels good reading the above names and dream of them coming in this order. I have high hopes on Yusuf Pathan but I hope he isn’t another Shahid Afridi in the making. Tendulkar has to take a call on where he has to bat. He is already taking a call on what games to play. I think Sehwag-Gambhir deserves the slot, keeping the future in mind.

Problems for Pietersen and England.

I wish to know if Strauss, Cook and Monty are good enough to play for ODI. They are class act and deserve to be in the team. I don’t know whets wrong with Vaughan either. I have a complaint against ICC, English hardly play any ODI. When did you last hear English going to play only for ODIs? I mean some one as class as Vaughan is has played as many test as ODI. The English play 12-14 tests in a year while playing hardly any ODIs. They may play lots of ODI for their counties but look utter misfit when it comes to ODIs. Pietersen was coming off on such a high, beating SAfs 4 games to nothing. I hope he realized that’s SAfs were without their captain Smith, their bowling looked out of form meanwhile Kallis was totally out of form.
Pietersen has lot many things to do. He has to try something radical, out of the box. He may fail, but hasn’t he already lost the series. India has just lost one ODI in their last ten ODIs. Commendable. I think Pietersen is swimming at the wrong end of the pool with his hands tied behind his back. I am convinced that England will do better in Tests. Yuvraj is set to storm in but I think Monty should look forward to bowl to Yuvraj.

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