Blog: Carvan aur humsafar

The song is from the movie Barsaat ki Raat. The movie starred Bharat Bhushan and Madhuballa,both a tragic stories for real. The song sung by Manna Dey and Mohd Rafi, iconic singers of their time. Iconic or colossus you take a pick. Manna Dey the complete singer.

He never got his due because his voice apparently did not "fit" any of the heroes at that time, Rafi use to sing for Dilip Kumar and Dev Anand, Mukesh for Raj Kapoor. Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand, Raj Kapoor one of the famous troika of popuar Hindi cinema. Music was much part of the story and it was of some class a pedigree, perhaps it was good that our movie industry wasn't so "technically" well equipped so films relied more on talent within. But originality has never ever been our (Hindi Cinema) forte but compared to days showbiz the quality of music,lyrics and dialogues perhaps camera work is just beyond comparison to what we are forced to see today. As I have written in the earlier posts as well that the packaging of the film i.e. marketing, promotion of the film,the dresses and the make up in the movies can make very ordinary people look larger then life uber glamourous, but I don't think we have enough talent to balance the uber glamour quotient. The package industry for the films have really come up leaps and bounds but the process of discarding the main factors of making a film, the story,the dialogues (Quality of speech),music and lyrics of the songs (in case of Hindi movie) a possible reason could be the underlying fact the films are a mirror image of the society. The movies might not be an honest confession but it is definitely in step with whats going on in and around the society.

The likes of musicians, composers, lyricist, writer (script and dialogue) have all perished and long forgotten. Although there isn't much void with regards to singer, they may not be as good as the ones in 50s, 60s or even 70 but gap is not too huge but in comparisons to other it seems a very thin line.

I think perhaps we don't need talent,but then I look at people like Salman Khan, Dino Morrea, Tushar Kapoor,Aftab Shivdasani aka Paragon Chappal, the brand endorsed by him, Kanganga Ranauat Amrita Arora, some of the bahus and saas in the saas bahu serials and wonder if they introduce themselves as "actors".I mean they look glamorous I am sure then can "act", but can they emote? I think not, at least I haven't seen the proof, I don't think I ever will. by the way the list of glamorous movie stars is along while you can count actors on your finger tips.

Well that was a time lapse for you.

The song was buzzing in my years when I was coming back from college thinking of I don't remember exactly what, but the song kept playing in my mind. I don't even remember when I heard of this song, but then Qawali has it own charm. The one in Mughal-e-Azam featuring Nigar Sultana and Madhuballa is equally good.

Second Edit

I liked the feel of it and two maestros coming together. It gave such a good feel. Also the lyrics of the song pretty sway you from time to time.

O Mama its Obama.

I don't what happened, perhaps I was in a bit of hurry I had to repost this post again. Sorry for the confusion of that prevailed if any. Obama was sweared in as the 44 President of U.S.A. it was historic moment . It will we interesting to see though when history chooses to repeats. Its been nearly 44 years when racial segregation was disbanded and outlawed in the world most powerful democracy. It was more than 100 years after the Emancipation Proclaimation by the then President Abraham Lincoln. This marks a great achievement for someone to emulate. I hate the word African-American. It almost sounds so prudish and tries to paint a vivid picture in just black and white. I want to understand though why the law with regards to civil rights need to be "renewed". I wonder why? Also why democracy wasn't practice or allowed to practiced by law. I think our Indian forefathers were right when they opted Universal Adult franchisee. The only criteria being age limit and citizenship. Off course in India we can just about imagined what people would have felt when the took their kids to school and they were turned out by peope that biased.

But Obama has broken the mould so to speak. I mean Unites States of America world most powerful democracy is know truly turning to a new chapter in allowing, voting electing and supporting the proverbial non-white candidate. I think the term white is as derogatory as black. But a child who is ignorant of history will see that it is possible to stand up on God gifted values and believing that his color wont come in between her/his aspirations and efforts. He is a wonderful speaker. I first heard him live in one of the speeches he gave in Berlin. It was astounding. The change has arrived for sure, and hopefully will not seeing just one leap year in between. As we all know the road is tougher from this point on, not just for Obama alone.

Although the caked has baked well and the icing looks good too, the red cherry would be if a woman becomes a President of America. If Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India (third world?) can have a lady heading the state/government is last two or three decades then USA should come forward as well.

I wonder if the song is Obama may be reflecting the same way this legendary Qawali does


Cess said...

the song is really nice and energetic, I m wondering if John Abraham can sing too :P arf he does not matter he s cute enough :P
As for Obama great speech, I hope i ll do better than the other ass :)

Keshi said...


u know I saw a live performance of a Qawali in Sydney and I was totally mesmerised by it! I absolutely loved the melody, music and the voices. I was wrapped in it!

Obama is mah man! He's so hot lol!


Tarun said...

@ Cess:ROFL for A$$.

@ Keshi: Well,what if JA read this one?

Keshi said...

I'd be dead on the spot...from a LUST attack!


Tarun said...

@ Keshi: Think for the poor JA

Keshi said...

why POOR? he's gonna be in a good place. lol!


Tarun said...

@ Keshi: Well ... lets hope so.