Blog: A weird Tag.

There are two parts to this post, the post and the tag. I wish to the tag first. Cuckoo tagged with with 8 weird things about me. Well I feel weird hearing the word weird.

Time: The first thing after getting up and last thing before sleeping I rush for my wrist watch or mobile to check out the time. There have been times when I went to bed and after sometime woke up,switched on the lights,search for anything that shows time, watch mobile,new channels anything and then only decided to go to bed. If I get up early I obviously watch the time,if I am late Mom or Dad announce the time and request me to get up couple of times, although request quantum decreases after any announcement.

Chewing Gum: I so love chewing gums,I can chew it all day, literally. I mean chew the same chewing gums all day, or for more than a few hours at least. Can you blow a bubble with a bubble gum? I guess you could but can you make a bubble inside a bubble and go on for say 5-6 times? I mean bubble in a bubble in a bubble in a bubble in a bubble. I could do 8 such bubbles. :D But haven't done so in couple of years, shall try it out some day. My mom despises chewing gum, I don't think my father

Movies: Movie buff, have seen movies all my life.It started with Shammi Kapoor and Rajesh Khanna movies (arrey o Paro) ,but the magic has continued although I feel the quality of Hindi movie isn't anywhere acceptable. The last I saw was Chandani Chowk to China. Please don't see it, it wasn't a pleasant experience. It is a test of patience,

Weekends: I have almost a set of must do things on the weekend,a dinner or a lunch at a restaurant or something ordered from a restaurant,a royal brunch, catch up with few friends, beer and the Sunday siesta, add a blog post to this list.Nothing like cricket, beer, chicken Tandoori on a Sunday.

Cricket: I love the damn game.I know is it obvious rather than odd. I love to understand the nuances of the game, its history and hysteria the predictable uncertainty. Something that parallels life, most sports do, but the closets is cricket.

Clairvoyance: I wonder if I can sniff the future,especially the wrong doing's that I do the result is so obvious. :P

Humour/wit: It is about subtlety for me,I cannot sit and write a joke book but I love seeing people around me laugh not always at my expense though. It isn't that I came around and people just start rolling on the floor, as I said it is wit rather than humour.

History: I want to know the history of everything, of how things events and people unfolded. How and why the things are the weay they seem to be. It is plain curiosity nothing else.


A said...


Dude, completely agree with the weekend part. For me its TV(need not be cricket..anything works....), beer and chicken!! Aaaha, nothing like it :)

Cess said...

where is the second part of the post? as for the chewing gum part, i d like to see u making bubble in a bubble in a bubble u should video record urself when doin it :P

Cuckoo said...

LOl, you are really a weird person if I go by that chewing gum thing.

And I am as insane fan of cricket as you are. When I wasn't allowed to watch matches that were happening on Australian soil (b'coz of odd hours), I used to keep a small transistor under my pillow, put an alarm and listen to commentary quietly. :-)

Thanks for doing the tag, enjoyed it.

Keshi said...

good to know more abt ya Tarun :)

**chicken Tandoori

I so know this haha!


why didnt ya put that at the top of ur list!!!

U wanna know abt HIStory...wut abt HERstory?

btw I was at a 'restaurant' on Sat, and from where I was seated I saw only the bit 'urant' was visible. I instantly thought abt ya...guess why? :)


Dink.S said...

excuse me for being a dumb blogger... but what exactly is a 'tag'?

hey yes... put a video in youtube of bubble inside a bubble...

thanks for the warning but already got tickets for CC2C... I just hope its not as bad as Drona.

Cricket is the best game without doubt.. ICC is even adding humour in it by the way of rankings..

nice to know you are interested in history :) get a pajero and we will check out all the forts of shivaji here

Tarun said...

@ A: Thanks for coming by,beer makes the match more interesting. :)

@ Cess: Second part of the post got slam dunked.Well let me see.

@ Cuckoo: Hail Cricket.

@ Keshi: I would love to know "HERstory" as well.May be some cool dude that caught ur eye reminded me of you. ;)
By the way urant, tarun same set of letters, that what I got.
Is my guess as good as urs?

sathyamurthy said...


If you can make bubble within bubble, I think you have great qualities to start a company and do a Raju.

8 bubbles - check out if it is some kind of Guinness record.


Keshi said...

hehe yes ur right :) that was an easy one ha!


Tarun said...

@ Sathya:I dont want to end up in a jail and will do everything to make sure I dont have to end up in a jail.

@ Keshi: I thought for that for a while, before I understood what U mean. :)