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There is a saying in Hindi which would roughly translate to, “People salute the rising sun.” well, Rahmans at his gleaming best. I are really happy coz he won couple of Oscars. He talent is abundant and his genius (i.e ability + performances) is truly a bench mark. I am more proud of the acceptance speech even then the actually winning the nominations and subsequent Oscars statuettes. The nominations describe the work of a man while his speech has an authority of a true master. One thing that could have escaped anyone would have been his humility, which as of course the only way to show respect to your profession and fellow professionals. He wont the best original score and best sound. He won it with Gulzar. Well what do I say of respected Gulzar Sahab, even Clossusses and Goliaths would like dwarfs to him. He write and writes pretty much everything, poetry, lyrics, stories. He has done it all and and has been doing so sinces ages. But the way writing is not his only acumen. I think there would be couple of bloggers lining up to explain you more of Gulzar and then can surely tell you more than I can just think of him.

I am also proud of the fact that he got one for an Original score. You see original is something rare in context of Hindi movies. As much as we al Indians love Hindi movie, but a fact remains that Hindi movies continue to be a bundle of clich├ęs, and one thinks of the word “Experiment” only when the film is promoted. But Hindi movies are a big have a big appeal to the society. You can love it, or hate it but surely you cannot ignore it.

So much so the movies have blossomed in India and have attracted attention since the first time it was introduced. This is no introduction to the Hindi film. Also congratulations going out Resul Pookutty, the sound engineer of Slumdog Millionaire. His previous works include Sawariya and Black another big movie, hugely popular, neatly done. He is alumnus to Film and Television Institute, Pune which have given India’s finest actors and technicians, take a bow to Resul Pookutty. Both the winners are themselves of examples of fighting against the odds and adersaries and rising right to the top.

There are two aspects of Slumdog Millionaire. The move has fast paced and since it is based on a book, the narration of the film keeps u glued to the chair. But I have to say that Slumdog Millionaire and Dark Knight were the only two movies I have of all the movies that were nominated. Congratulations also to all the other winners of various categories, includning people who won it for Slumdog. I really liked the pace of the movie. It is sum of parts, or a group of more then ten or more stories that covers the protagonist’s life and destiny. I haven’t read the book Q&A on which the movie is based.

Since morning three has been only one thing of the news channels. It’s been non-stop so much so that even the weatherman is beam a smile. I can just imagine queues of people and celebrities queuing up in front of studios and waiting patiently to offer there experts views and interviews. Success is relative more the success more the relatives. There has been a raging debate over ifs and hows and the whys of the film again naive experts views that all. But if the perception of India, may not changed and some may perceive India to be a poor country without realizing the Indian stock markets average volumes exchanges more than a few billion dollars on daily bases. The movie is set in poverty. The value of the production team was beautifully translated on to the celluloid, but I wonder if it were a purely Indian movie would we be hailing Slumdog Millionaire the film today? I don’t think I can be affirmative to that. Rahman off course is an exception, he deserves it. But the question is would Slumdog be nominated is it was directed and produced by an India production house and Indian director? I asked couple of friend this question their responses were a quick No, I just heard what I felt. Did it in some way helped to have a British Director and an American producer? If any Hindi music director is reading this, let me tell you Rahman won an Oscar for “original” soundtrack. Original is another word which has lost it is meaning, off course in the aspect of Hindi movies.

This is not particular to Slumdog alone, but I wonder if the movies are increasingly becoming a function of the market. So much so that if not marketed through proper marketing channels and marketing process that movie is unlikely to do well based on quality of performances, strength of the story and popularity of music. After watching few ordinary movies I am convinced that people will go out and check anything provided you create a demand. Delhi 6 another example in which an honest message and honest intentions of the director and the entire team couldn’t be put across. The script was weak and feeble and could support the wait of some of the finest actors that you can assemble for a movie. Since everyone in the movie distribution system recover the money even before the movie released the movie goers take on unfavorable odds.


Dink.S said...

It definitely helped to have director and producer from 'outside'. Delhi6 is as good if not better than SM but not many are going to hear the songs.

and about Delhi6, what makes you think that the message couldnt be put across? if anything, it was a bit overdone but then I cant think of a better way either.

Tarun said...

@ Arvind: Delhi 6 sucked. that how I should have put it. Man it was disappointing

Mithilesh Choubey said...

I never knew that you write so well:)