Blog: Just before sunset

I loathe and enjoy sunset, the time between 5:30 and 7:30 in the evening is weird one for me. I really go mellow and look to unwind before gearing up for evening again. I just imagine myself, go to the seas shore, where the chaos of times are washed away by the waves. I wonder if I talk to the rocks, the sand, the setting sun, the fresh sea breeze, the birds flying by, and the hue in the sky. We all talk about how the day went by, what we did and what we didn’t, what we overlooked and what we missed. We talk about things that we thought we fathom but didn’t, a few things which we though we couldn’t do, but later realized we just had to initiate what we think is right and believing the good in ourselves and finding reasons in our own abilities and keep assuring ourselves that we have to push forward against all odds. There is simply no reason that true failure is not to have tried, ever.

Success is relative, a comparative scale of the human kind. There is one more, more the success more the relatives.There are some, who seek all and get all and stay unhappy, some seek nothing, get nothing and find nothing but their soul. There are so many things in my mind as off now, a book, a blog, a test match, Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. It no complex kind nerdy thing, It is just says that, something about the position of electrons and their momentum.

Uncertainty principle states that the values of certain pairs of conjugate variables (position and momentum, for instance) cannot both be known with arbitrary precision. That is, the more precisely one property is known, the less precisely the other can be known.

It is for sure reading this blog won’t make you jump into research into Uncertainty Principle. I wish I could, but there are something about the subject which covers Uncertainty Principle that I detest, that to the point of disdain, Matrices’ and Mechanics. If there was single think in life I could change, it would be understanding of Mechanics and Matrices. It is a nightmare for me. My closet is to small to keep the skeletons of even one of those two, leave alone both together. It is regret for sure. The reason of regret that I believe is whatever we study, enforces beliefs in you, hence knowledge defies both beauty and youth.

By using my few milli-grams worth of experience, worldly sense and knowledge. I was trying to think about how Uncertainty Principle rules or governs our life, if at all it does. The more we want to know (read posses) the more nebulous life really gets. Devil is in the detail for sure. We try to control the situation instead of reign in ourselves. It is not a cruise, life isn’t a cruise is it? One has to be indefatigable in there efforts.

So much so for a sneak peek on life in a very small window of time.

Much of last week was spent waiting for flu to go away, inhaling steam, coughing and cursing cold. On Friday I manage to get my bearing right and Saturday, Valentine’s Day took a flight to Jaipur. Well like many things, one can just hope that flights start on time. The task to find of possible reason was inconclusively, I manage to reach Jaipur to attend a wedding around lunchtime. I met more relatives then the time I spend there. There were grand parents, cousins, nieces and nephews. Then there was the Baraat, the chaos, the drinks, the goof ups, the heavy four course meals. It was more than an age since I last went to Jaipur. The weather was weird though, it use to get bitter cold after sunset. I spent the wedding night running around only to find my knees swollen. The next afternoon was spent sleeping, lunch was taken really late. Then an early evening drive to one of the malls, burgers at the Mac D’s a few ice creams. Then there was birthday of one of the elders members, the cake was yummy …

It was followed by a few pecks in windy winter night. The drive back home, a paan in between and a good night after that. Met some more cousins the next day, exchanged a few gifts. Did had lunch, took a flight back home. And the next day started as usual in a familiar chaos.


Cuckoo said...

How're you now ? Recovered fully ?

Keshi said...

no Cricket today? OMG Im in shock! :)

hey Tarun get well soon!

loved reading this post...something different from u.

Uncertainity is what makes life interesting. dun u think?


Tarun said...

@ Cucko: I m fine now, but dont know if I have recovered fully.

@ Keshi:Yeah life treads between the uncertain and the unknown. :D
What do u say?

Mary said...

I love sunsets too :) although I also hate them because it means another day has ended already! time goes way too fast once we are 'grown up'!

The wedding you attended sounded like fun! I wish I could attend more weddings.. I love them and have been to only 4 in my entire life!! (or maybe I love them because I'm not bored of them yet).

Tarun said...

@ Mary: Well, consider India a land of wedding as well

Sam said...


Nice reading a thought post. To shrug off ego, one has to just look around at the sky, at the big mountains and the mighty ocean. One will immediately start feeling small.

After a long time I read something that kindles the mind. Thanks!

Best Regards
R Sathyamurthy

Tarun said...

@ Sathya: Thanks Sathya,thanks for going through it.