Cricket: Indians squeeze past.

From now on own T20 matches wont be a sojourn it will be just 20 sentences will would cover maximum detail of the match.

1. Sri Lanka win toss.
2. Dilshan tires to do a Dhoni, dons the captains shirt and keepers gloves.
3. Jayasuriya goes for Ishant, 22 runs in an over.
4. Ishant pull one out of thin air to send Jayasuriya back Lankans 60 in 5overs.
5. Yusuf Pathan stifles the scoring rate, Lankans drag thoughtlessly.
6. Lankans aspire of inspiration, tail enders fire.
7. Dhoni look in command even under the hammer.
8. Lankans build momentum and flay Indian pacer bowlers.
9. Zaheer out of touch seems ages when he bowled last.
10. Ishaant out of line, comes back good with last over, Lankans restricts to 171.
11. Disaster strikes when Sehwag runs out, only way that Lankans can get him, one down in first over.
12. Gambhir for once fail to play long innings.
13. Yuvraj and Raina flex their muscles tonk sixes, get Indians going.
14. Sharma flatters to deceive; Dhoni for once, fails, wickets tumbling both end.
15. Bandara and the old fox Jayasuriya give nothing away, take wickets a plenty, 15/4 in 5 overs.
16. A master stroke in hindsight, Dhoni promotes Jadeja over Pathan brothers, India 117 for 7.
17. Bandara thinks he is the greatest leggie in last 20 years, Pathan Yusuf greets him 4, 6, 6 in an over.
18. Jadeja is castled, Sri Lanka have foot on the door, Pathans have sight on the score.
19. Dilshan out smarts himself, gets Fernando the wild an over, Lankans crumble under Dilshan’s folly.
20. Irfan smacks a sixer of Malinga to get Indian a truly unprobale victory, last 26 balls accounted for 59 runs.


Cess said...

wat a surprise u talked about cricket?????? i m soooo shocked!!!! But i m gonna stop read ur post until u put again a free-migraine template :P

Keshi said...

LOL Cess haha! I was abt to say I didnt know anyone else who's so supa PASSIONATE abt Cricket!


Tarun said...

@ Cess: Cess search me one which lasts for some stretch of time. The last one spooked me.

@ Keshi: You have still to meet some other bloggers who are much more passionate.

Keshi said...

no thanks! LOL!

Guys n Cricket..I just dun get it! *rolling eyes*


Practical Preacher said...

Lol.. dude!!! Hilarious post.. esp loved the one about Fernando the Wild ... haha..

Keep them coming.

Tarun said...

@ Keshi: Never mind Keshi.

@ Viren: Thanks for patiently reading through the post. :D