About: If only

If only:

I could if could breathe without exhaling with disgust.

I could imagine when I wonder.

I could get up on time and cath the bus on time.

I could rests all the ghosts in my mind to rest.

I could wake up without having to feel tiredness.

I could blog when I could.

I could not be questioned for what I havent done.

I could not be burdened with what I have not done.

I could dream without fear of ddreams coming true.

I could tell what I knew.

I could write when the times are just right.

I could say without sounding as complaint.

I could hear what others think.

I have a feeling that there is a definite corelation between the times I feel myself ride the trough of the wave and the infrequency of my blogging. The point is other way round is not true, so whats sauce for goose may not be sauce for the gander. But such is life. Isnt it all about your and ours. Success is ours and failures are yours. We will and you must. List is long and there are more than two fitting examples. There is often a lot of things said about "prespective" of a person, it is definitely not the indicative of how poor the persons vision is. Vision something to do with eyes and not with life or something preceeding Mission statement of the company.
What we all tend to do if to justify the good that happened and label the not so good things as destiny.

Going from vision to destiny. It is amazing what a fantabulous journey the mind can take, from downwright sulk to something more incredulous as the hulk. I had just one reason to check out Hulk (the movie) was Jennifer Connelly, again amazing sexy eyes. Just imagine, it is another working week, you get up, get ready and get going, wait for a bus and suddenly you meet someone you have been a fan off. I mean I was just imagining I could meet Steven Gerrard just like that.By the way since Liverpool and pile drived Manchester United 4-1. The class seems much less buzzing. I think I should have bet souple of beer bottles and yummy tandoori chicken. I wonder if I could had better weekend.

By the way the "holisitic" is to get on with studies and life. But I knew knew what I understood and I never understood what I knew, should life be allowed to meander along and take its own course, or people who dont have direction just fizzle out or sublimate or vanish like stains marks in a detergent ad?

Cricket, India smacked Kiwis and the Kiwis won back a little pride and lots of moment. The test match will be starting soon. I guess too soon should be said. The start just around the time i tend to go to sleep at times. My eyes would be rivted on Dravid, who bat often decides India winin test matches abroad. SAfs totally fizzeled out, I am sure Greame Smith if feeling rudderless too, poor chap is struggling for cover drive after beein gmacked on the hand earlier the year and now he was wrapped on his other hand. WOuld this series be a revival of fortune for Aussies? 

West Indies won in a long while, they haven't won a Test series in some time. England without Flintoff looks like India without, Sehwag, Tendulkar, Dhoni, Zaheer and Bhajji. Flintoff is such a big influence for them. They could even come close to bowling West Indies out. One thing is for sure though, a series win by the Windies is surely not a case of revival for them. I am sure they have to be consistent at home and try to atleast compete when the play test abroad.


Dink.S said...

Wow that was deep.

Thanks for mentioning liverpools win. Was a happy week for me. India won the series and liverpool thrashed real and united. About flintoff, isnt he a bit like stevie g for the reds? Its not just his performance but also his presence that brings the best out of his team.

I hope wall performs. Rohit is just not ready to take his place. At least for a year

Tarun said...

@ Arvind:Yes he is the definete difference in teh English team (both Gerrard and Flintoff).
I have my fingers crossed for the tests

Keshi said...

u started off with such a heartfelt matter of the mind and then u HAD to end it with CRICKET didnt ya Tarun! *lolz*

hows u? came to check on ya. Hope all is well with ya mate :)

bye for now!

Tarun said...

@ Keshi: A blogger can stay away from a blog, but a blog is never away from a blogger.
So nice to see ur blog Keshi.
How have u been?

I am fine.Doing good.Weekends calling!!!

Keshi said...

yep and Im bak! Im not gonna be as regular and as frenzied as b4 but Im bak :)

New pic n all WOW! NICE!


Tarun said...

@ Keshi:Welcome back Keshi

Keshi said...

ty Tarun! :)


ღ lil_kath ღ said...

... came to check on ya too dear ^_~ hows u?? how was job goin? no mail, no message nowadays? hope to get one soon na.. though bear me for replyin so late always hehe! sowee:P

well, do update me once in a while yaar! .. waitinggg! u tc..

happy cricketing!! ^_~

Tarun said...

@ Keshi: Welcome Keshi ... :D

@ Kathz: How have u been? Long time no see ...