Cricket: Victory on the doors.

Will we or will we not? Will India make it 2-0 or is there another twist in the tail. I mean imagine India asking to Kiwis to make 600 or so and the start the last session of the last day with some 140-150 runs more with five wickets in hand. There is no logic behind this; just something came to my mind. I was wondering if this is to happen, would you blame the Indians for the scenario or else, would you praise the Kiwis for the fight they put up. I think the later would be more just. The point is weird things have happened, we were facing the barrel in the last test but somehow, Gambhir played a serious innings and put to rest some serious concerns. More on that in coming following posts.

Seriously, it is Gambhir.

What has Gambhir learnt from Sehwag? Getting to century with a boundary only different thing being, Sehwag smacks a six, Gambhir creams it for a boundary. I think roles have just changed in this series, Sehwag would strings big meaty hundreds and Gambhir would just provide the start. Gambhir now looks very consistent, with more than 300 runs in each of the last four series, he has been consistent. However, you won’t bet against Sehwag in coming back in form with a dynamite performance. I wonder if he would have broken Mohd Yusuf’s record of most runs in a calendar year. I rate third and fourth innings highly centuries highly. He has done both in last two test matches. Meanwhile Sehwag and Gambhir play for the same company, state, zone, franchise, country in all form of the game. This has insured that test opening especially away from home, isn’t a lucky draw, done after the toss. These two guys are doing a good job. I know Kiwi bowling isn’t the most threatening, I think wickets in South Africa and England should pose more threat to them and test him thoroughly. But since Sehwag goes out to bat with him, he can breathe easy while Sehwag breathes fire the opposition bowlers for cover to extra cover.

Writing is pretty much on the Wall.

Dravid, the lone factor who would design the winning fortunes of Test away from home. He has done well in the series, although hasn’t score centuries. Why I consider him the lone factor, coz he shields Tendulkar which enable Tendulkar to play his stroke without worrying about wickets tumbling like pack of cards. Although why Dravid gets stuck is something I haven’t ever understood. His batting fortunes have dictated how India would fair, so not finding a meaningful contribution by Dravid in away matches is a little improbable. I personally can remember such incidence. He was by the way snapped by McCullum striding down leg side, before he actually played the stroke. I wonder if it is ok, to more around before the batsmen have played the stroke. Poor him though, he isn’t struggling with form but with bad luck. I firmly believe that he should be in slips, a great milestone awaits his, that of most number of catches in test match. Mark Waugh would be ready to try voodoo on Dravid and ensuring that he doesn’t get what he richly deserves. I would love to see, the openers edging one to Dravid if and when India declare and Kiwis come to bat.

India high on MSD.

If someone doesn’t understand why leadership is required or what it can do, one must look at Indian team with Dhoni and without Dhoni. Some may say he is lucky some say he is shrewd. I think of him as the Gambler. He comes across as someone with a big heart and his ability to plan and execute something unique. He made Ponting look stupid in Nagpur test. India struggle without him being at the helm of affairs. I love his pan-faced comments. I love see him hit these huge success.

Review of the series at the end of the series. Am I not happy blogging cricket ?… :D


Keshi said...

hey Cricket lord! ;-)


Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha... you look so happy with cricket !! Keep writing.

I am so much with you on this. Man, you snatched words from my mouth. :-)

P.S.- Do you intend to write a good post on Sachin on his forthcoming birthday ?

I am planning to link as many blogs as possible to Blogbharti that day. Let me know.

Tarun said...

@ Keshi: Hey babe Howa U? rofl

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