Blog: Sum of parts and whole

Do you in your life feel it as well, when sum of the parts of your life is not equal to (a little less than expected) than the whole? Lots of things happening all round me and I feeling like a mere spectator in my own life. Surely something wrong and there seems to be a disconnect of sorts between what it is and my understanding of it. What has understanding to with realization. Isn’t the jump between knowledge and wisdom characterized by something? I think first thing first I need to get my sleeping time right, surely early to bed early to rise makes man healthy wealthy and wise.

Early to bed ...

Waking up early and sleeping sounds adventurous but isn’t, sleeping early and waking up early sounds boring but truly isn’t. Why sleep? It is simply one of the most important exercises of the body? Excess or shortfall directly affects the whole body. Enough of gyaan on sleep. Waking up in the middle of the night and writing a blogs is again pushing the envelope to far for comfort. If TV was idiot box, I don’t know what they call a laptop. Surely life is more beautiful and adventurous outside 1024x768.

This blog comes almost as a failed attempt, you know sometimes you almost try so hard and then fail to budge a problem and all of a sudden things turn to your favour and all angst pours out and there is an overwhelming feeling of aghast that sets in. That’s what I felt couple of evening back as I returned home after one more day of my internship, where everything is on interest. I have always said people that theory is useless, experience is more important. But I like to take a contrarian view. I think there is a difference between taking a contrarian view and being contradictory. Contrarian view may have the same goal in mind may differ on the process, contradiction mean speak completely different, literally. Here the meaning the goal the process all challenge conventional wisdom.

Submerged in gloom

Often in life you need to sallow the bitter pill there is not much you can do at that point in time. Often the question why me? Does arise but al suitable questions must wait for suitable time to be answer. Patience is the key. If you keep getting problems in life and they seemingly and progressively get harder but give you immense satisfaction and motivation to go one, then you have to imagine yourself on the correct path. Guess the darkest hours is one before sunset.
You too like me would meet people that amaze you with skills, I met this guy, I mean I couldn’t even follow him while he while he was juggling with the keyboard and everything transpired in minutes while it took me couple of hours to understand what is it all about. That was on an Excel sheet. One has to excel in excel I guess. I was decent in MS Access it use to be fun. But Ms Excel is something else. Get a decent hang of MS Excel has just risen up my priority ladder for now.
The stock market continue to interest me, I too have some interest in stock market, things look rosy a week back. A big boss calling it green shoots, I don’t know much about green and shoots but what the world economy need is more than one Parachute. I don’t know when things start to get real good, but I don’t think all is hunky dory. I remember watching one of the business channels and someone just a month back before the election announced suggested that market has already discounted the result. The Sensex opened the next Monday morning and people could even wink an eyelid before the market hits upper circuit, needless to say since then there is opportunity to earn some profit or book minimal losses. No one knows where the markets headed in short term, but lets see.

India bowed down out of T20 World Cup on account of huge expectation from everyone. A few of the people also believed it was just a cake walk. Few realized that walking through a cake is real mess. But personally there is always another time. India go on cruise to Caribbean, there next assignment.

It is ideal to blog everyday at least twice a week is a must but if one starts feeling lazy writing ones own blog then it is kind of alarming situation. If you have been a blogger then one must blog for therapeutic reasons alone. The best part is people come and realize that we are in equal mess and rowing on not only the same boat but pretty much the same side of the boat. So, everyone get more than a shoulder to cry on and you offer a shoulder for more than one person to cry on. It get spooky when people start to get the hidden meaning right. It is almost like watching the edge of the seat thrillers and you know what is going to happen.
I saw Angels and Demons, it is amazingly made movie and bears little with the novel, one can watch it purely for Tom Hanks. It isn’t like Da Vinci code which ran parallel to the novel for most of the time. This movie Angels and Demons meander around the novel but seldom ran parallel with it. Another movie I watched was the Hindi flick 99, I think it was a good watch; I had fun watching the movie when I realized one of the characters in the movie was seating in the same hall and checking out the movie.
The time after lunch when the office AC is at full blast and you feel want to have a quick nap I crave for something sweet, the other day only thing in my mind was baloo shahi. I haven’t had one for quite a while. But I believe I have a sweet tooth. I love having desserts after lunch or dinner.


Keshi said...

A very nice post Tarun. u know I like reading stuff like this more than Cricket ;-)

**Lots of things happening all round me and I feeling like a mere spectator in my own life.

I hv always felt like that all my life. I hv even written the exact same line ine of my older posts, long time ago :) But I wonder if the ppl Im watching feel the same way. Whats happening to u *tho it may seem like nothing to u*, maybe something that they r watching too.

I dun sleep that much but when I do, I sleep well.

Blogging should not be a chore...thats all their is to it :)

And u managed to squeeze in some Cricket too somehow ha!!


Tarun said...

@ Keshi:Cricket post are just for me, I like reading my own cricket post,yeah Narcissism has in new form.
I like writing other post too.Blogging isnt a chore for me, never was, never will be. :)
Someone did say life is a stage and we are mere actors, guess that has changed to life is a stage and we are spectators/audience/make up guy.

Keshi said...

A lil bit of Narcissism is quite human Tarun :) If anyone says its wrong, then they r the nasty narcissists lol!

**Blogging isnt a chore for me, never was, never will be

Good to know that! :)

Im an actress as well as a make-up artist in this play called LIFE ;-) U just gave me an idea for a hot new post!!


Tarun said...

@ Keshi:Yeah like we were commenting (read talking) couple of days back people harping there own sweet melodies (read bitter maladies) about themselves.
Hot new post, so Pandora's box opens again?

Keshi said...

yep! omg that is going to be one hot post...a wise one though :) But it will come after the Flatmate series hehe.

tnxx alot for triggering the idea!


Tarun said...

@ Keshi: I imagine a spark in you eyes. I see u speedily write a post.

Keshi said...

haha u guessed that right ;-)

Im such a speedygonzales!

Tarun said...

@ Keshi: Dont tell me the next post is done ...

Anonymous said...

Hey Rahul, a graet dael of thoughts there for one post.

Blogging twice a week - I think it is a good idea.

Patience is the key - I would think so. But there is a very thin dividing line between patient and being plain lazy.

Living in habitual contrariety or fending contradictions - a way too much for me. I proffer: Contardict seriuosly only with yourself. It helps refinement of soul.

Indian Cricket team: They are a bunch of jokers. Sorry! But I am aghast with their ways.

Will turn around for more. Cheers!

Tarun said...

@ Kulpreet:Hey Kulpreet, thanks for coming by.
I guess refinement of soul isnt one step proces, is it?
Well they seem to do well of late,as long as they are consistent in winning especially in test, I m cool.
My name isnt Rahul. :)

Keshi said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ur bro for the 25th of June! :)

did u guys crack a tinnie?


Tarun said...

@ Keshi: No :( waiting for weekend though