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Michael Jackson is no more. A legend a performer passed away and left one and all a bit of a shock and dismay, although his hysteresis dies down over the last decade or so but he remains near mythic icon for pop music. My father though still confused if he was a singer or a dancer but did by a few Michael Jacksons cassettes and one of the first CDs he bought was an MJ compilations.
The hysteria for MJ almost preceded him every where he went and he manage to whip such gigantic wave of emotions, something which may be equaled in the future but will never ever be bettered. Some said that in music industry there was Michael and then there were other while some said he was one man rescue team for the music industry. I don’t know whether Nasem Taleb would consider a black swan event or a white swan. (This has nothing to with him or other being black or white, beige or sky blue.) There was no doubting his fan following, his talent and performance and his ability to zoom past the #1 on all music charts but you can also say that he left behind lots of doubts and confusion. I think he would have to be top few person in last 50 years who bought people alike.
He remained an antonym to the word normal. I think it is safe to conclude there would be no other Michael Jackson. I wanted to do a Michael Jackson post a few months back but wasn’t to be, I wasn’t planning his obituary though. But guess that is how life unwinds. No matter what he did he made jaws drop, despair and affection for him was in equal measure and one could have never ever ignored him. A confusion which is kinds a hereditary, I mean something on similar lines to my father; I wonder if he was a better singer or a better dancer. I think he was par excellence in both which made him perhaps the most loved and revered performer, so much so that the best of performer swear by his name. I often see him and Madonna as parallels, interns of eccentricity, marvelous performances and their mass following.

MJ would remain a legend and I think the fan following will only grow.

The Blonde Bomshell Farah Fawcett died fighting cancer on the same day. I wish to bid her adieu as well.

Second Edit:

When Amul posts,you see.
They have dedicated this to Micheal Jackson.


sen the dude said...

well i was passing my time on my bed around 11 am. wen i was ON with INTERNET aswell..., den i saw a pop up on yahoo which read " king of pop is no more".. a chil ran down my spine a kinda despair i was in.. i was nt beleiving any thing,, i just went and rushed to switch ON my TV and i realised as what i saw ON yahoo is accurate,, well no one wud ever match MJ.... he was made guilt for so many crime later he was acquitted, no matter wat has happened to him,, am sure his demise wud make a point... well MJ i am die hard fan of ur so mani tracks,, and he has gone no wher bt in our heart ......... RIP MJ

Pinks said...

Ya i know it is a kind of shocker and v vil never have another MJ. RIP MJ

Tarun said...

@ Senti:Yeah but he transcend almost all of it.He was brilliant.

@ Pinks:Yep there would no none like him.Not in our life times.

Anonymous said...

Hey pal, when I was doing my college in Pune in the late Eighties, many used to call MJ as Mai-ka-lal Jaikishen. Such was his popularity. But my take is slightly different. Perhaps, you can take a peep at my blog and see for your selves. Feel free if you want to disagree. Cheers!

Keshi said...

What a heartfelt tribute to a warm and loving man...Tarun I loved it. MJ deserves all the love in the world. HE WAS THE BEST!

**he manage to whip such gigantic wave of emotions, something which may be equaled in the future but will never ever be bettered.

Spot on! Very well-said.

I really like the way u wrote this post. It touched me. It spoke volumes of the love that MJ delivered and left behind when he died...that love is with us now.



Tarun said...

@ Kulpreet: Not many come and comment here the same time, so welcome back kulpreet. :P
Yeah many a million spoofs on Maikalal ... on TV and movies.
I did comment on ur blog. :)

@ Keshi: Hey Keshi, how r u?Isn't it amazing the vaccuum u and I feel even though we never met him only heard of him and I especially havent seen him in person.
Yes he was the best, I think many of the singing/dancing genres of today can be traced back and credited to MJ.
I think MJ helped blossom some of the genres (both in singing and dancing).

Keshi said...

Im very well ty Tarun and urself? :)

**Isn't it amazing the vaccuum u and I feel even though we never met him only heard of him and I especially havent seen him in person.

yes...thats cos Jacko creeped into our hearts n souls, through his magical energy and charisma.

Thats what it feels like a part of us has died...



Tarun said...

@ Keshi: Hmmm ... Did u see the second edit?

Keshi said...

I just saw it and I think it's VERY CUTE and quite apt for a legend like MJ...awww I love it!

I only wish that ppl did this while he was alive...then he'd hv been so happy. Cos MJ was so v innocent, compassionate and loving...just like a child. And he'd hv been 'thrilled' to see this kinda of massive love n respect for him. Too sad that he's no more.


Tarun said...

@ Keshi: Amul,have been doing something on MJ for years. Well guess life should move on.

Anonymous said...

MJ, yes a huge loss indeed. I agree, with him gone his memories will bundle up more emotions and the fans will grow in no as well as hysteria.
Farah Fawcett: Another blow. Ditto, RIP.

prajyot said...

indeed its said that hz nope more...i wish if he was there...

Keshi said...

Life moves on by MJ will forever stay in my heart. I will always shed a tear for him.


Tarun said...

@ Kulpreet: Thanks, yeah life will never be the same again.

@ Prajyot: Well, it happened the way it did.

@ Keshi: I guess gold Micheal is peering over u from the skies.

Keshi said...

that I'd love :)