Blog: Lonavala snaps

Terrific view from terrace

Three good men,me in the centre

One of my favourite snaps which I took in this trip

Mountains and valley

Sceneic view while coming back

I wanted to get myself a cartoon made for a long while,so when I saw a cartoonist making some cartoons couldn't wait to see how would I look like.Just like to tell one and all this is one of the most hilarious cartoons I have ever seen,it is just a coincidence that the cartoon is mine. I will try to get it scanned and then upload it again. I imagine just the face of it would make a good profile pic!!!


Keshi said...

aww ty for the LOVELY pics Tarun and the cartoon! HAHA that one was funny :) I wonder if they cud draw me up hehehe...

I love the misty mountain tops - just breathtaking!


Tarun said...

@ Keshi: Welcome, Yes it was hilarious, I was laughing for a while when I was handover the cartoon.
It was very senic and pristine. I am glad i was there.

Cuckoo said...

Awwww ! Your cartoon looks so nice, no doubt you kept laughing looking at that.

And my trip to Lonavala is still pending. :(

Tarun said...

@ Cuckoo: Did u laugh at it as well. Dont go to Lonavala during the weekends, its damn over crowded.

Kunal said...

wish i was there...nice snaps dude