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Yesterday was 22/7/2009, aka Pi day. Google if you want u want more pie of the Π or Pi. Just incase u want to know more,if I may ... Π sates the relation between the diameter and the perimeter of the circle, meaning if the diameter is 7 units long then circumference would be 22 units. It seems Π was first letter of the word perimetere and periphery. Chinks define Π as 335/113, the convention is to use 22/7. It has host of other notion the deeper you dig into Maths>Calculus>Trigonometry>Imaginary numbers>Etc. it tend to be fun working out sums on Definite Integrals.

Today/Pi Day/22-7-2009 was also a Solar Eclipse otherwise a rare phenomenon and like all things rare and phenomenal its awesome to experience. I had my doubts about the eclipse. No, I knew the logic and the reason and the cause and the effets and all. I was just wondering that Solar eclipse is the time when you see the Moon in the day and don't see it in the night. It's so simply because the Solar eclipses ought to happen on a New moon Day. There was a pdfs I had got on how stock markets tend to dip in the fortnight between the new Moon day and full Moon day and the trend reverses in the next period.I believe that the study was done in one of the Scandinavian countries which took the data of stock markets across Europe. It was a thirty years of data,so it was a pretty exhaustive study. It just suggest a trend, a tendency or market's rather something written on stone.I was just thinking about it this morning, it felt a bit weird till the point stocks markets ran up the hill till noon and then later skewed to red, in literally an eye wink.

So much for the Pi Day and markets and numerology and Astronomy and Astrology. One think is for sure, our life is the only one example in which assets side and liabilities side will always match.I must be honest for someone who is tempted by numbers and may take up finance for earning bread and butter. I might never ever go much beyond just think about it, but spirituality and philosophy are so fun. Yes it is for people who are a bit into idolatry. I believe spirituality is one experiment which if you try, then you wouldn't fail. Philosophy like spirituality is dynamic, changes every moment, but does guide you to finding way to what you think and what makes you think.

Like all I too have certain naivete, notions and premonitions evolve and break everyday and that happens more than once in a day.

When was the last time one song made you write a blog post। It is not about the the singers, it is about the words and emotions that they is the singers convey. It buzzed for a while in my years, I thought why not pass it one, you know the Butterfly Effect.

I don't know if your blog is an extension to yourself or your personality. Is it just a mask that we put on? OR it is an echo meandering within us, that wishes to finds a way out in forms of what we couldn't (read wouldn't) have normally expressed. Blog friends are weird "species" of friends. You know them (at least you think so) but you haven't met them (not all, I guess) you look forward to their posts and comments, at times go far to expect them to comment or blog what you wish to read or write. But I think my blog is kinda canvas for me. While I paint what I like, it is free for other interpretation. Other may interpret the painting with the same intention as I would have drawn/sketched it. They may have another interpretation of it. They may not understand it at all, but at least they (people who blog hop) at least would agree that the post was written. They may not willingly accept and rather grudgingly disaprove, but being indifferent to a post is something difficult, provided the blogger blogs and someone reads it.


Keshi said...

I did trig for Pure Maths. ewwww lol!

**I believe spirituality is one experiment which if you try, then you wouldn't fail.

I agree...totally. It always leads u to GOOD things somehow. A life w.o. Spirituality is aimless.

Abt blogs...I really dun think too much abt what I write or what ppl think abt my posts. I just write what I feel :)


Anonymous said...

Good post. Candid!

My blog: It is the place I can shout from. And I write about everything, even my dark side. Shall I say, it is my deep-mirror image. In the process, I also try to understand myself.

Tarun said...

@ Keshi: :P hehehehehe, I dont believe you dont think what u write. If u dont think then at least u plan ;)

@ Kulpreet: Yeah thats how blog post should be crisp and candid.I wont take too much pains to understand myself if I had a glass of wine in my hand

Keshi said...

I said I dont think TOO MUCH ABT WHAT OTHERS MAY THINK ABT ME or what I 'SHOULD' WRITE :) I just write my feelings out. *says that loudly!*


u dun read my comments properly d u?


Tarun said...

@ Keshi: *read and write the comment on the note pad before deciding to reply*.

Nah I am careless about most things in life.

But there is tendency as a blogger to write what other may wanna read.So one must keep themselves gaurded against that tendency.

Keshi said...


I agree...but that doesnt mean u PLEASE a crowd..u r careful abt HOW u say it, but say it somehow :)


Tarun said...

@ Keshi:Yeah, I get that.When that kinda a tendency creeps into me,I write a gibberish cricket post.