Blog: Weekend story

It is over now. It begins by rushing out of a workplace on Friday evening, frantic phone calls, long delays of traffic and waiting for mates to meet and then something u dream of eating/having all week and then some me time. I prefer to spend some time alone by the sea side. I love the sea shore. You have gotta spend an evening at the Marine Drive, pack some salted peanuts, behind your back let the world go places and run around crazy, while you can look forward to the glitter of sun rays of the setting sun making the water shimmer and then see the Queen’s Necklace sparkle as dusk smoothly transits to an evening. I love it for the breeze, for the span of the horizon, for the scene changing ever second, literally. Let s just say that it is no coincidence that the best properties around the world are besides a water body, most of capital city around the world are also by a river side. I said most and not all. I have been visiting that place, albeit infrequently but never for once felt bored and tired wanting to just fade away in the bustling crowds. Never ever am I likely to do that.

The grey skies kept turning dark, it was a threatening looking dark-blue-black with winds howling and tide picking up and slight rain. The lightening was missing the action and thunders were silent too, only the wind made its presence felt along with whizzing cars. We friends met and then ate and drank; I made it home, a touch too late, but had a good sleep.

Next day a few more phone calls, morning cup of cold coffee and the trip to the optician for getting my specs not sun glasses but specs. I am already pretty timid and hopping to get used to glasses. I felt so bad that left eye saw everything blurred until correct type of lens helped enhance the picture and sharpen the colours. I was happy to see what I was missing, although I knew had to have glasses, perhaps wrong types of surging namely Net and channel did me in. I never the less got one and realized with you have limited amount on capital, everything seems to be a capital investment rather than another splurging expense. At least I would like to believe so.

Movie: Hangover

On Saturday saw Hangover, it was a phuckin good movie. A typical movie about guys, bachelor party, lots of swearing. If a bunch of guys wanna hang around, they have to check it out. It wasn’t just a comic flick, it had it sense of drama, action and thrills and spills. But it was definitely worth the fun. I was planning to watch it for sometime before I final did manage to see it. It was followed by a good hefty dinner and deep sleep. Sunday was pretty much relaxed at home, deeply thinking about getting early on Monday. I did manage it and life came to almost a full circle when I reached on time for a change.

The video added in the second edit.


Pinks said...

Hi tarun

Me too loves to c the sunset at marine drive..its kind of very soothing..nice post..

Kulpreet said...

Hi Tarun! Salted peanuts by seaside at marine drive> I agree. That is a must do. Very soothing. Sort of peels the city fatigue from your skin. I have lived in Mumbai for five years, two years in Colaba (1992) and three in Powai (2001). So i can relate to the post.

Take care!

Tarun said...

@ Pinks:Thanks Pinks,I guess anyone who has been there even once would love the sunset.

@ Kulpreet: Yes marine drive great place to just unwind and let the toxic elements in the mind, pour out.

Keshi said...

I cant wait til Friday! Im not liking work right now :(

this weekend Im planning to go to a beautiful church with mum...and perhaps to the beach too and watch the sunset. tnxx for the reminder! I really need it.

I must see Hangover then. Sounds very GUYISH :):)


Tarun said...

@ Keshi: Yes always make sense to take time out and talk to oneself.I cannot believe you havent seen Hangover yet.
Church and beach sounds good.